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Air Conditioning for Old Houses

Nov 01, 2023
Explore air conditioning solutions for old homes in our latest blog post, offering practical solutions for cooling historic homes while preserving their charm.

What is a Water Heater Pilot Light and Can it Be Fixed?

Oct 17, 2023
A water heater pilot light ensures you have access to hot water for your daily needs. Learn more about what to do if your pilot light goes out.

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

Oct 17, 2023
If you notice the lights in your home flickering, you might be wondering if it’s dangerous, or how to fix flickering lights. Learn more about when it’s time to call a pro.

Signs Of A Broken Sewer Line

Apr 21, 2023
A broken sewer line can cause a number of problems for your home. Read our guide to recognize the signs and know when to call in a professional.

HVAC Basics: Understanding How Heating and Cooling Works

Apr 13, 2023
Understanding the basics of your HVAC system can help you ensure that it’s working properly and that you’re saving energy. Read our guide on HVAC basics today.

What Is Orangeburg Piping And Why You Should Replace It

Mar 16, 2023
Orangeburg pipes were made to last, but they haven’t lived up to their promise. Learn more about identifying and replacing orangeburg sewer pipes.

Is A Leaking Water Heater Dangerous?

Mar 09, 2023
Is a leaking water heater dangerous? It can be. Learn more about why your water heater might be leaking and what you should do about it.

UV Light At Home: Is it Safe?

Feb 16, 2023
You might know some of the dangers of UV light, but what about UV light at home? Is it safe to use? Learn more about when UV light can be beneficial.

Why Is My House Not Staying Warm?

Jan 12, 2023
If the temperatures dropping outside feel like they’re coming inside, too, you might be wondering, “Why won’t my house heat up?” Let’s explore some possibilities.

Wrapping Pipes For Winter And Freezing Weather

Jan 05, 2023
When the temperatures drop, you want to protect your plumbing. Learn everything you need to know about wrapping pipes for winter.

How To Drain Pipes For Winter

Dec 27, 2022
If you’re thinking of draining water pipes for winter, read our step-by-step guide to find out how and when it might be time to call in a professional plumber.

Turning On Furnace For Winter: How To Prepare

Dec 16, 2022
As the months get colder, it’s important to be on top of your heating system. Read our tips for turning on your furnace for winter.

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Dec 08, 2022
As the months get colder, it’s important to know how to prepare your home for winter. Check out our pre-winter home checklist for the best tips.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Oct 20, 2022
Are you ready for the colder weather? Use our fall home maintenance checklist to ensure your house will be protected until spring.

LED Lights for Commercial Buildings

Oct 19, 2022
Check out the advantages of installing LED lights in your commercial properties.

Switching from Air Conditioning to Heat

Oct 13, 2022
Cool weather means homeowners are switching from air conditioning to heat. Learn how to prepare your heating system for the fall from CroppMetcalfe’s HVAC team.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Oct 07, 2022
The changing temperatures can put a strain on your HVAC system. Read our fall HVAC maintenance checklist for the best ways to keep your system in great shape

Commercial Electrical Panels

Sep 22, 2022
Your commercial electrical panel is an important part of your building’s electrical system. Learn more about how to make sure it’s in the best condition possible.

National Tune-Up Day

Sep 21, 2022
September 25th is National Tune-Up Day. Its a reminder to get your HVAC system, especially your furnace, tuned-up before the winter heating season.

How to Measure Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Sep 16, 2022
Indoor air quality effects your health. Learn how to measure your indoor air quality in this article.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading an Electrical Panel

Sep 08, 2022
Depending on the age of your house, it might be time for a home electrical panel upgrade. Read our list of pros and cons of upgrading an electrical panel.

Commercial Building Electrical Maintenance Checklist

Sep 01, 2022
Read for information about how to keep your commercial property running efficiently.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Your Home

Aug 25, 2022
Read this post to find ways to eliminate pesky stinkbugs from your home.

Copper Pipe Leak Repairs

Aug 25, 2022
Read this blog to learn how to fix copper pipe leaks.

How Often Should Your Air Filters Be Changed

Aug 19, 2022
Read this article to answer your questions about air filters in your home.

13 Signs of Termites Inside and Outside Your Home

Aug 11, 2022
Termites can damage your home! Look for these 13 signs of an infestation in and around your home.

Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing In The Summer?

Aug 01, 2022
Use this article to troubleshoot why your heat pump is freezing in the summer.

How And When to Use Duct Sealant

Aug 01, 2022
Read this article to find out when and how to use duct sealant in your home.

Can A Generator Run In the Rain?

Aug 01, 2022
We answer all your questions about running a generator during inclement weather.

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Clogged On Both Sides?

Jul 29, 2022
A helpful article for troubleshooting why your kitchen sink is clogged on both sides.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Circuit Breaker

Jul 29, 2022
Circuit breakers are designed to last a long time, but they sometimes need to be replaced. Learn when it’s time to replace a circuit breaker and why it’s important to call a professional.

How To Reduce Humidity In Your House

Jul 29, 2022
A useful guide on how to reduce the humidity in your home.

Plumber's Putty Vs. Silicone Putty on Plastic Drains

Jul 25, 2022
The pros and cons of using different types of putty on plastic drains.

How To Adjust And Fix Sprinkler Heads

Jul 14, 2022
Tips on how to fix or replace broken sprinkler heads.

Things To Do at Home Before Going on Vacation

Jul 07, 2022
Helpful tips to get your home ready for a vacation or extended absence.

Why Is My House so Humid While The AC Is On?

Jun 27, 2022
A helpful guide to troubleshooting why your house still feels humid when the AC is on.

Summer Plumbing Tips

Jun 21, 2022
Tips to keep your plumbing system healthy during the summer months.

How To Keep Your House Cool At Night During Summer

Jun 10, 2022
Simple tips to keep your home cool during the hot summer months.

The Do's and Don'ts of Remodeling Your Bathroom

May 19, 2022
If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, start here to find the do’s and the don’ts to ensure you have a successful project.

Can You Install A Ceiling Fan In Any Room?

May 10, 2022
Ceiling fans can be a great addition to your home. But which rooms are they suitable for? Find out from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

How To Remove Rust From Bathroom Sink, Drain, And More

Apr 18, 2022
Come across rust in your bathroom? Find out here how to remove it fast.

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Apr 15, 2022
Winter is finally over and it’s time to get your home ready for the warmer months! Find all the best Spring home tips here.

Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Apr 14, 2022
When we think of spring, we think of cleaning. But don’t forget your spring HVAC maintenance checklist too! Find out here what you need to know to keep your home safe.

3 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

Jul 06, 2021
Follow these air conditioning tips to help reduce cooling costs this summer.

What is Water Filtration and How Does It Work?

Apr 06, 2021
Whether you've seen white particles around your faucet or clogging a shower head, yellow stains on your clothes after washing, or a chlorine smell in your water, the problem is generally the same. You are drinking, bathing in, or cleaning with potentially harmful chemicals.

Why Do Outlets Spark?

Nov 02, 2020

How to Prevent Air Leakage This Winter

Dec 03, 2019
Is your home properly insulated? A simple glance at your roof can help you find out! Read more about the importance of keeping your home properly insulated and how you can spot if your home needs help.

How Long Does a Heat Pump Last?

Nov 13, 2019
Having issues with your heater? Learn about the most common heater repair problems in the Washington DC area according to CroppMetcalfe's HVAC manager.

What size furnace do I need?

Oct 30, 2019
Buying a new furnace isn’t as simple as running out to the local hardware store and picking the cheapest model. Here’s how to determine which furnace size is right for your home.

What can cause a power surge?

Oct 15, 2019
Let’s explore what happens to your electrical system during a power surge and the effects this surge can have on your devices and appliances.

6 Ways to Prevent Common House Pests This Fall

Sep 30, 2019
The fall months are fast approaching and we will all be spending more time indoors, away from the cold, wet weather outside. Unfortunately, that means many pests will also be trying to get indoors to stay warm and dry. Don't panic! Here are 6 ways you can prevent uninvited pests from crashing on (or in) your couch.

How long does a well pump last?

Sep 25, 2019
Homes in rural areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia may be equipped with well pump systems. Learn more about well pumps from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

When should you replace old wiring in a house?

Aug 19, 2019
If you're worried that your home electrical setup is too antiquated to handle the needs of your modern family, it’s time to talk to the five-star technicians at CroppMetcalfe.

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Aug 07, 2019
Some plumbing problems are easy to fix yourself. Others require immediate emergency plumbing service. Learn more from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

How do you maintain an HVAC system?

Jul 30, 2019
Preventative maintenance is the key to extending the life of your HVAC system. Check out these HVAC maintenance tips from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

The Storm Preparation Checklist Every Homeowner Needs

Jul 16, 2019
With hurricane season on the horizon, make sure your home is ready to weather the storm with this storm preparation checklist from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Jul 08, 2019
When you’re dealing with a broken air conditioner, what’s more cost-effective: repair or replacement? Learn more from the HVAC experts at CroppMetcalfe.

How to Fix Slow-Draining Showers & Other Summer Plumbing Problems

Jun 25, 2019
Summer means sand, dirt, and other debris that can cause slow-draining showers. Learn more about summer plumbing problems from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

How do you get rid of an ant infestation?

Jun 18, 2019
Looking for DIY treatments for ant problems in your home? Check out CroppMetcalfe's tips for natural ant removal or contact a pest control professional now.

Why is my air conditioner so loud?

Jun 04, 2019
If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner seems to run louder than normal or has suddenly started making unusual noises, there may be a more serious problem with your HVAC system at hand. Let’s explore the types of noises air conditioners make and the underlying causes of those noises.

Protect Yourself From Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

May 24, 2019
Protect your family from potentially harmful diseases with CroppMetcalfe's Pest Control Service Agreement.

7 Common Electrical Problems to Look Out For

May 14, 2019
Learn more about the most common electrical problems in your home and how CroppMetcalfe can help you repair them.

Why is my air conditioner blowing hot air?

May 07, 2019
A broken AC can quickly ruin a summer afternoon. Find out why your air conditioner is blowing warm air from the HVAC experts at CroppMetcalfe.

5 Common Signs of Carpenter Bees in Your Home

Apr 22, 2019
Learn how to recognize the common signs of carpenter bees from the pest control experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Switching from Heat to Air Conditioning

Apr 17, 2019
Warm weather is here to stay. Check out these tips for switching from heat to air conditioning from the HVAC experts at CroppMetcalfe.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Spring Cleaning

Mar 26, 2019
Spring cleaning allows homeowners to detect problems before they get out of control. Learn more from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Why is my furnace making noise?

Mar 05, 2019
Loud banging or rattling sounds could indicate a broken furnace. Find out why your furnace is making noise from the HVAC experts at CroppMetcalfe.

How to Prevent Cold Drafts in Your Home

Feb 19, 2019
Stop cold drafts in their tracks. Stay warm this winter with these draft-blocking tips from the HVAC experts at CroppMetcalfe.

4 Causes of Low Hot Water Pressure

Feb 12, 2019
Low hot water pressure isn’t just annoying. It can indicate serious plumbing problems in your home. Learn more from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Why Static Electricity Shocks Are Worse in the Winter

Jan 29, 2019
Dry winter air can lead to irritating static electricity shocks. How can you avoid static electricity this winter? Let's find out.

Here's What To Do When Pipes Freeze

Jan 21, 2019
Frozen pipes can cause serious damage to your home. Learn what to do when pipes freeze from the plumbing experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Why Do My Clothes Smell After Washing Them?

Jan 10, 2019
Cheap laundry detergent isn’t the only reason why your clothes still smell after washing them. Learn more from the plumbing experts at CroppMetcalfe.

5 Ways to Save Money on Heating This Winter

Jan 03, 2019
Looking for ways to lower your utility bills this winter? Learn how to save money on heating from the HVAC experts at CroppMetcalfe.

How do mice get in the walls?

Nov 27, 2018
Learn how common sense pest control tactics can help you enjoy a mouse-free house this fall and signs to look to see if you have mice in your home.

Choosing a Water Heater: Traditional or Tankless?

Oct 15, 2018
There are many variables that factor into choosing a water heater. Learn more about traditional vs. tankless water heaters from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Tackling Storm Damage Repairs

Sep 17, 2018
Storm damage can be stressful. Wondering where to start? Learn how to tackle storm damage repairs from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

How Long Does Attic Insulation Last?

Aug 21, 2018
Want to know how long attic insulation lasts? Even if you’re using modern insulation, you’ll need to check for water damage. Learn more from CroppMetcalfe.

Working at CroppMetcalfe: A Day in the Life of a 5-Star Technician

Aug 14, 2018
CroppMetcalfe is a leader in home services in the Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia area. Learn more about life as a CroppMetcalfe five-star technician.

7 Home Maintenance Tips For Sustainable Living

Jul 30, 2018
Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, it can save you money. Follow these tips to live sustainably and cost-effectively this summer.

Do I Need To Replace My Sump Pump?

Jul 23, 2018
Is your home prepared to handle heavy storms? It might be if you have a sump pump. Learn how a sump pump works to prevent flooding in your home.

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Jul 10, 2018
Humid air can be harmful to your health and your home. Learn how to spot signs of excess moisture and how to reduce humidity with a dehumidifier.

8 Ways to Vacation-Proof Your Home Now

Jul 02, 2018
Enjoy worry-free, quality time with family and friends this summer. Follow our home maintenance checklist to vacation-proof your home.

Here's Why You Should Avoid DIY Home Repairs

Jun 25, 2018
Some projects are best left to the experts. Calling a professional can save you the time and trouble of trying — and failing — to tackle DIY home repairs.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Jun 19, 2018
Ants are one of the most resilient household pests. Learn how to identify, prevent, and eliminate ants in your home.

HRV vs. ERV: What are they and what do they do?

Jun 12, 2018
Breathe easier with better ventilation. Learn more about the benefits of heat-recovery and energy-recovery ventilators.

Is a clogged sink drain the sign of a bigger problem?

Jun 06, 2018
Plumbing problems can be messy and worrisome. Learn more about how video drain inspections can help with clogged drains.

How to Recognize the Signs of Termite Damage

May 31, 2018
Termites are destructive insects. Check out CroppMetcalfe's "A Hard Day's Bite" comic to learn why you need a professional termite control company.

Will Air Duct Cleaning Help With My Allergies?

May 21, 2018
You don’t have to suffer this allergy season. Breathe easier after you schedule an air duct cleaning.

Home Mosquito Control: What You Need to Know

May 14, 2018
Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying — they can be dangerous, too. Learn more about how to avoid these pests this summer.

Back to School: Plumbing & HVAC Training Starts at CroppMetcalfe Academy

May 08, 2018
Start working toward a rewarding career in a high-demand field when you enroll in CroppMetcalfe Academy.

A new D.C. tradition? The 4th Annual CroppMetcalfe Bug Run!

May 01, 2018
Join us on Sunday, May 27th for the 4th Annual CroppMetcalfe Bug Run in beautiful Georgetown! It’s sure to be one of the best events of the summer

What is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

Apr 17, 2018
Upgrade your cooling system just in time for summer! Here’s what you need to know about ductless air conditioners.

What to expect this summer in Northern Virginia

Apr 10, 2018
Summer is just around the corner — can your home handle the heat?

How To Charge An Electric Car At Home

Apr 02, 2018
Charging your electric car is easy and cost-effective when you install a home charging station.

How to Get Rid of Termites

Mar 26, 2018
Termites may be small, but they’re a force to be reckoned with — these “silent destroyers” can cause devastating damage to your home.

4 Reasons Why the Sink Fills Up When I Run My Dishwasher

Mar 20, 2018
If you’ve ever noticed your sink filling with water when you run the dishwasher, you may have a more serious plumbing problem at hand.

Do I Need a Home Backup Generator?

Mar 13, 2018
The weather in Northern Virginia can be unpredictable. Be prepared for unexpected storms when you install a backup power generator.

When to Get an Air Conditioning Tune Up

Mar 06, 2018
Save yourself the headache of scheduling an HVAC inspection during the busy season. Air conditioning tune ups can be performed year-round, even in cold weather.

10 things to know when buying a home in Warrenton

Feb 27, 2018
Looking to move to Warrenton, Va.? Here are 10 things you need to know when buying a house in Warrenton.

Do You Have Septic Tank Problems?

Feb 20, 2018
Septic systems are designed to handle human waste only, but often have to deal with other wastes, like cooking grease and leftover food particles, soaps and detergents, and other non-biodegradable products, which cause septic tanks to fail.

2017: Year in Review

Feb 16, 2018
We saw a lot of success in 2017, but we know 2018 can be even better. Our company president, Tim Cropp, reflects on what he’s learned over the years and sets new goals for the year ahead.

The Warren Green Hotel: An Inside Look

Feb 12, 2018
Warrenton, Va. is a town deeply dedicated to preserving and celebrating their history. Many of the buildings in town have stood the test of time and continue to serve important purposes to this day.

What Attracts Cockroaches? and Other Common Questions

Feb 05, 2018
It’s important to know what attracts cockroaches and how to get rid of them as soon as possible. Trust us — you do not want to deal with an infestation.

Know a Neighborhood: Warrenton, Virginia

Jan 30, 2018
Last spring, we acquired TLC Services, a home services company based in Warrenton, Va. Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about our friends in Fauquier County

How Safe Are Power Strips?

Jan 23, 2018
Power strips are often misused, and the consequences of those misuses can leave you with a much larger problem than you started with. Read our latest blog, How Safe are Power Strips?, to learn more about power strip safety and long-term solutions to your outlet shortage problem.

Winter Home Energy Savings Tips

Jan 09, 2018
Find out if fiddling with your thermostat on the coldest days of winter is still a good idea — or a good way to wreck your furnace.

What Is A Heat Pump?

Jan 02, 2018
Heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to the usual heating and cooling methods. A heat pump transports heat by constantly moving warm air from one place to another in order to make a cool spot cooler and a warm spot warmer. Heat pumps are powered by electricity — which means not only will it produce efficient heating, but you’ll use less fuel consumption and save on operating costs.

VIDEO: How to Clean an EZ Trap

Dec 26, 2017
Learn how to clean your EZ Trap in 7 simple steps! Follow along with the video and you'll be a pro in no time!

My electrical outlet is not working. Now what?

Dec 19, 2017
Don’t mess around with dead outlets! It’s more than a minor inconvenience — it can be the sign of a larger problem. It’s time to learn more. Read: My wall outlet won't work. Now what?

Help! My Ceiling Fan Stopped Working: Troubleshooting Help

Dec 11, 2017
There’s always an explanation for ceiling fan problems. We’ve worked with customers across Northern Virginia, and we’ve seen everything that can go wrong with a ceiling fan. If it’s broken, we can fix it. And in some cases, so can you.

Why is Water Seeping & Leaking from my Toilet?

Dec 05, 2017
Water damage from a leaky toilet can cost you thousands of dollars — but the fix may be simpler than you think.

DOE 2018 Energy Regulations Impact the HVAC Industry

Dec 01, 2017
Commercial property owners — make sure that you are aware of the upcoming Department of Energy HVAC regulation changes

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Nov 29, 2017
Keep a clean house? Bed bugs don’t care. Learn how bed bugs get into your home, how to spot signs of bed bugs, and how to eliminate a bed bug infestation.

4 Furnace Troubleshooting Tips for Homeowners

Nov 20, 2017
It’s normal for your furnace to seem a little quirky when you first turn it on after months of it going unused. If those issues last, though, they could be warning you of a much more serious problem.

Do I Need a Bathroom Fan?

Nov 06, 2017
Some unpleasant things happen in your bathroom, and exhaust fans can help with that. But that, however, is not the only reason why your bathroom fan is one of your home’s most underrated tools.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Oct 24, 2017
Got stink bugs? Yikes - these pests can be incredibly hard to control. Don’t worry, though. We’ve broken down what you need to know.

Do I Need a Hot Water Heater Repair?

Oct 17, 2017
You never think about your hot water heater until it breaks — and then it’s all you can think about. How to tell when your hot water heater is ready to recycle.

How Do You Stop a Leaking Ceiling?

Oct 04, 2017
Water leak inside your ceiling? Catch it fast or you’re in for a mess. Here's how to ID a ceiling leak and what to do next.

Why & When Should I Get a Furnace Inspection?

Sep 18, 2017
Furnace inspection is necessary for safety and risking finances. There are different parts to your furnace that is important for your annual inspection that is talked about in the blog. This has a break down of each step of a typical furnace inspection.

5 Fall HVAC Tips for Homeowners

Sep 11, 2017
Here are five tips that will protect your HVAC system from the changing weather this fall.

Why Do I Have Noisy Pipes?

Sep 05, 2017
Learn about the different issues that may be occurring in your home that results in noises. A CroppMetcalfe plumbing professional can help solve your problem!

What is a Spider Cricket, and How to Get Rid of Them?

Aug 29, 2017
What is a spider cricket, and how much do you have to worry about them? Read our guide to learn how to identify and how to get rid of spider crickets.

Do You Have A Broken Light Switch in Your Home?

Aug 22, 2017
Is there a mystery light switch in your home that doesn't seem to connect to anything? You might have an electrical problem on your hands.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Garbage Disposal Repair

Aug 15, 2017
Keep our 5-star technicians from receiving a last-minute invitation to your next barbecue. Read our summer plumbing tips.

5 Questions For Your AC Repair Company

Aug 07, 2017
Broken air conditioner? Here's what you need to ask your AC repair company.

Know Your Pest! The Odorous House Ant

Jul 25, 2017
Odorous house ants don’t bite or sting, but can be a serious nuisance. Learn how to eliminate these pests from the experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Air Conditioning Best Practices

Jul 19, 2017
Learn the best way to keep cash in your pocket with these AC tips.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal in 4 Easy Steps

Jun 23, 2017
Regular cleaning to prevent garbage disposal smell & malfunction is recommended. Check out CroppMetcalfe's four easy steps to remove garbage disposal smell.

How to Drain a Water Heater

Jun 07, 2017
Regular water heater maintenance is the best way to extend its life. Here's how to drain a water heater to avoid future repairs.

Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump Recall

May 25, 2017
Find out more information and schedule a service appointment for for Carrier's Greenspeed heat pump Recall number: 25VNA036A0030040

How to Fix a Clogged Drain

May 24, 2017
Deep drain clogs can be frustrating and difficult to fix. Learn how video drain inspection is used to diagnose and solve deeper drain issues.

Warrenton AC Repair

May 16, 2017
Croppmetcalfe services Warrenton, VA, providing air conditioning repair, replacement & general maintenance. Learn more about possible AC issues & solutions.

Signs of a Broken Sewer Line

Apr 21, 2017
A broken sewer line can cause a number of problems for your home. Read our guide to recognize the signs and know when to call in a professional.

What to Expect from Water Heater Repair Services

Mar 23, 2017
In need a of a water heater repair? Learn about common water heater problems & repair options from CroppMetcalfe. Contact us today for more information.

Call the Exterminator: Meet DMV’s 5 Most Common Pests

Mar 09, 2017
Want to learn about the most common pests in the DC area & why you should keep an exterminator’s phone number handy? Get information from CroppMetcalfe.

5 Questions For Your Heater Repair Company

Feb 27, 2017
Need a furnace repair in D.C., Maryland or Northern Virginia? Before choosing a company check out CroppMetcalfe's list of 5 questions to ask beforehand.

Emergency Plumbing Services: What to Expect

Feb 16, 2017
In need of an emergency plumbing service? From burst pipes to leaking faucets, CroppMetcalfe provides tips on what to expect in every situation. Learn more!

Warm Up to These Heating Troubleshooting Tips

Jan 10, 2017
A faulty heating system poses big problems on a cold night. Save money by trying CroppMetcalfe's furnace troubleshooting tips before calling a professional.

How to Avoid Common Winter Pests

Dec 19, 2016
Common winter pest problems include mice & spiders invading your home. Learn how to avoid these pests & how CroppMetcalfe can help keep your home pest free.

The Montreal Protocol, R22, and You

Dec 08, 2016
Find out how the Montreal Protocol and limited supply of R22 (Freon) could effect your comfort system.

Understand How Heating and Cooling Maintenance Works

Nov 18, 2016
Want to know more about how your HVAC actually works and operates? Checkout this great blog post and infographic.

Christmas In July

Jul 11, 2016
Get your Christmas gift early this year from CroppMetcalfe!

How to Vacation Proof Your Home

Jul 07, 2016
Follow these few steps to ensure you have a relaxing vacation, and a seamless return.

5 of the Most Common Signs of Leaky Pipes

May 12, 2016
Leaky pipes are more common than we realize. CroppMetcalfe can help! Learn the signs of water damage before it's too late!

Signs of Termites

Apr 19, 2016
Be aware of the signs of a termite infestation before they take over!

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Feb 01, 2016
Wondering what carbon monoxide detectors are? Learn how a properly functioning CO detector can save you and your family from carbon monoxide.

Heat Pump Tune-Up Rebate

Dec 21, 2015
A tune-up on your heat pump can help lower your energy bill even more and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Learn more about tune-ups and how you can save even more with a rebate through CroppMetcalfe!

When the Power Goes Out

Dec 02, 2015
What happens if the power and heat go out? There are a few things you can do to stay warm until your power returns.

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Nov 16, 2015
Watch this quick video on how to unclog your garbage disposal, plus get a few extra tips on how to keep your disposal running properly.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Crickets in Your House

Sep 29, 2015
Crickets tend to leave large trails of destruction, mainly targeting clothing, carpet, and furniture. Learn how you can take control of your potential cricket problem before it gets out of hand.


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