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Are Pest Control services worth the money?

Oct 20, 2020


Kitchen countertop that is covered with a colony of ants crawling across the surface.


There are many pest control solutions out there on the internet, and while many are professional pest control services, there are also a lot of DIY pest control methods. This leaves a lot of homeowners to question if pest control services are worth the money or if they can just do their own pest control.


Keep in mind that no matter what pest control efforts you make, be it homemade pest control or paying for a pest control service, it is worth the investment, because fewer pests are always better than more. We're examining popular DIY pest control methods in contrast to professional pest control services to see what’s worth your time and money.

Homemade Pest Control Methods

While there are some things you can do to reduce the number of pests each season, not all home pest control methods are effective. Here are a few of the most common do-it-yourself pest control methods you’ll see: 


  • Peppermint oil
  • Vinegar and water mixture sprays
  • Removing all standing water and cleaning
  • Burning insect repelling candles
  • Sticky traps for mice, spiders, and other bugs
  • Soap and vinegar fly traps

There are some pest control chemical products you can purchase from the store to use on your home and lawn, but many of these can be harmful and even toxic if used improperly, and many are completely ineffective if used improperly. Be careful using any of these around children and house pets.

Why DIY Pest Control Fails

Whether you've tried some or all of the homemade solutions listed above, the reasons they often fail are pretty similar. 

Human Error

There’s a reason there are professionals who offer pest control services: there are skills and knowledge necessary to implementing effective pest control. If you don’t take the time to learn about the particular pest you’re trying to remove or the type of pest control you’re using to exterminate it, your efforts may do little to nothing to prevent pests. Properly ridding your home and yard of pests is more challenging than it seems.

Improper Treatment Focus

Many homeowners who opt for DIY pest control fail in their efforts because they put all their attention on treating the symptoms of the issue rather than focusing on the heart of the problem. Proper pest control must be treated at its source. Many DIY pest control methods get rid of spiders, rodents, or other pests, only to have them return again. You have to remove attractants, block entry points, and prevent future issues in addition to removing the present issue.


Many homeowners underestimate the size of the problem or the determination of the pest at hand. If you see a mouse, spider, or any other sort of pest, never assume there is only one of them, and never assume they will go for your bait just because you set some out.

Types of Pest Control Services

When it comes to professional pest control, the amount of options you have are practically endless. At CroppMetcalfe, we're experts in pest control for:


  • Mosquitos
  • Bed Bugs
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Roaches
  • Stinging insects
  • Moths
  • Centipedes
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Stink bugs
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife
  • More

Consult our experts for more information on pest control services and what the proper plan of attack is for your home. Not all pests should be treated equally, and neither should the method of removal. 

Paying for Pest Control Vs. Doing it Yourself: What’s Best?

Homeowners often think that going with DIY pest control is better since you can save on cost, but most homemade pest control methods aren’t nearly as effective as pest control services completed by a professional. So homeowners can end up paying more than they originally intended. 


The cost savings in the long run can be significant when working with a professional to handle your pest control. You'll remove the need to purchase equipment or products, and you’ll have a far lower chance of needing to face any costly home repairs due to pest infestations.


When working with a professional to handle your pest control, you benefit from the presence and advice of an expert. Save time and energy, keep up consistent pest control, and enjoy the peace of mind that any and all chemicals will be handled properly.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Pest Control

At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risk to do your own pest control. Many commonly cited DIY methods are ineffective and have been known to cause more harm than good. Your best bet is to leave extermination and pest prevention to the professionals. 


For more information about CroppMetcalfe’s pest control services, call 703-372-9359 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.



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