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Plumbing Services in VA, MD & DC


What plumbing services does CroppMetcalfe offer?

CroppMetcalfe has become one of the DC Area's most trusted names for plumbing service and repair. Our 5-Star Plumbing Technicians have all of the training and tools to solve any problem you may be having including:

Water damage to your home can be devastating and expensive to fix and it is important to address the plumbing problem quickly and correctly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or schedule online.

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Plumbing Services and Installations

It’s never too early to call the plumber when you think something might be wrong in your home. Is the water pressure lower than usual? Is your water pump working all the time or making strange noises? Have you noticed that the paint is peeling on an outside wall where the plumbing goes through? 

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From clogged drains to water heater installations, our licensed plumbers handle plumbing jobs every day that don’t take us a lot of time to fix, but can cause enormous headaches for our customers. We aim to get to the job done quickly and effectively so you can go on with your day, while providing excellent customer service and a friendly attitude. We’ll always send someone who is ready and able to do the job.

Does CroppMetcalfe offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service?

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is dealing with a plumbing emergency late at night with no means of solving the problem. If a plumbing emergency pops us out of the blue, don’t hesitate to call us right away. Our emergency plumbing services are designed to get any plumbing problem taken care of as quickly as possible.

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What is a plumbing service plan?

CroppMetcalfe’s Plumbing Service Agreements grant homeowners peace of mind knowing they’ll be taken care of should a plumbing issue ever arise. All residential homeowners may be eligible for coverage under our plumbing Preferred Service Plan.

What are the benefits of having a plumbing service plan?
  • Priority Emergency Service. CroppMetcalfe services our Preferred Service Plan customers first, so you can be sure your issues are resolved promptly.
  • Annual Planned Maintenance Inspection. Our Preferred Service Plans include an annual maintenance inspection. Our plumbers will advise you of any needed repairs plus make recommendations to ensure your plumbing system is operating properly.
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • 50% Discount on Diagnostics

Call CroppMetcalfe For Your Plumbing Needs

When you need plumbing service or an installation, call CroppMetcalfe. We can help you make upgrades to your system that makes life easier, and we’ll fix problems when they arise.

What locations does CroppMetcalfe serve?


"We have never used CroppMetcalfe before, but awoke in the wee hours to a plumbing emergency, so we tried calling. We were thrilled to get a noon - 5 PM service window. Levi did a great job and arrived early. (We were notified he could arrive early which was very welcome.) We bought a PSP and look forward to using CroppMetcalfe in the future, though hopefully only for scheduled calls. No more plumbing emergencies would be good. We are especially grateful for the timely "call ahead" because we've got two big, loud dogs, so it's important for us to get them out of the way, so the service personnel can work.  Thank you for your excellent service."

- Sharon S., Fairfax, VA


"Erica was just great...so helpful and friendly. I'll ask for her next time, I was so impressed and gratified by her responsiveness. I am a very long time customer & she tops all."

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See All Testimonials