Backflow Prevention

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Backflow Prevention & Services

Backflow occurs when contaminants such as waste, pesticides, and/or fertilizers infiltrate your home or business’ water supply, leading to health and safety hazards. In order to keep your water supply safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing, local and federal building codes require that homes and businesses follow strict guidelines for backflow prevention.

Backflow prevention helps to protect your drinking water from potential contamination due to backsiphonage or backpressure.

Backsiphonage occurs when a sudden drop in subatmospheric pressure in the piping system allows potentially harmful substances to be siphoned or drawn into the water supply. Possible causes of backsiphonage include under-sized pipes and pipeline breaks. Backpressure occurs when a sudden spike in subatmospheric pressure in the piping system allows substances to be pushed into the water supply. Possible causes of backpressure include pressure generation from pumps and thermal expansion.

The likelihood of backflow occurring increases with flooding, which puts your drinking water at a higher risk of contamination during storm season. Before the next heavy rainfall, check your home or business’ backflow prevention assembly to ensure everything is in proper working condition.

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Backflow Prevention

You can think of backflow prevention like a smoke alarm. You hope there's never an issue, but if there is, you're glad you have the protection. There are a few options to consider when looking into backflow prevention. Some of the most common assemblies include:

  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB): Provides protection against backflow via an independently acting check valve and an independently acting air inlet valve. PVBs protect against backsiphonage only. 
  • Reduced Pressure-Principle Assembly (RP): Provides protection against backflow via two independently acting, hydraulically operated check valves. RPs protect under both backsiphonage and backpressure conditions.

The main difference between the two is the installation location parameters. Both of these prevention assemblies require an annual test.

Commercial Backflow Services

If you own a commercial property in the area, then your backflow system must be inspected by a certified backflow plumber annually. In some areas, residential systems must be inspected annually as well.

Did you also know that the installation, repair, replacement, or testing of your backflow prevention assembly must be performed by a licensed plumber with a Journeyman license level at the minimum, with an approved 32-hour cross connection course? Not all plumbers meet this requirement, but the CroppMetcalfe technician you call for backflow services always will.

CroppMetcalfe Backflow Services Offer Peace of Mind

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CroppMetcalfe offers plumbing services, including backflow prevention services, throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., including:



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