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Northern Virginia Surge Protection Services


Protect your appliances and electronic devices with expert Warrenton, VA surge protection services by CroppMetcalfe. Call us at 540-347-3024 today for a quote. 

Surge Protection Services in Northern VA

A power surge can have serious damaging effects on your appliances or electrical devices. Keep yourself covered with professional surge protection services, like the ones CroppMetcalfe offers. With 16 years’ experience in the Warrenton, VA area, our technicians can keep your home’s electricity running safely and efficiently.

What is a Power Surge?

A power surge is when the voltage in your electricity spikes unintentionally. When this happens, your wiring, appliances or electrical devices can be broken or damaged.

What Are Some Reasons Power Surges Can Happen?

  • Power outages caused by storms or other weather issues.
  • Downed power lines from collisions or accidents.
  • Lightning strikes.
  • Smaller surges can occur inside your home daily and can happen up to five times per day. These small surges will slowly cause damage to your wires and appliances.

Some causes for small, interior surges include:

  • Large appliances, such as your furnace or air conditioner cycling on and off
  • Surges can also be caused by smaller appliances such as dryers or power tools.

Why Should I be Concerned About Surges?

A large power surge can permanently damage your electrical devices or wiring. This could mean bad news for your computers or other important devices. Experiencing a surge also means that you will need to get your wiring repaired which is an unexpected cost most homeowners want to avoid.

Smaller surges like the ones that occur on a daily basis can also cause serious damage, however this damage happens over time and with repeated exposure to surges.

How Can I Protect Myself from Surges?

With professional surge protection services, you can guarantee that your electrical devices, appliances and wires are protected from the damages caused by unexpected surges. Our team will start by confirming your ground protection and developing a plan to work in your household to protect your wiring from outside surges. For inside surges, we may also recommend smaller surge protectors that can keep your electronics safe from dangerous surges.

Unique Protection:

Various appliances in your home or electronic devices can be protected from surges with completely unique surge protection systems. Some items that have their own complementary surge protection include:

  • Sump pumps
  • Televisions
  • Garage door openers
  • Fridges
  • Microwaves
  • And more!

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"I've been a CroppMetcalfe customer for 9 years and you have always provided outstanding service. I just had my semi-annual maintenance done, and I wanted to thank George for the truly outstanding service, professionalism, and excellent advice. He is definitely one of the best 5-Star Technicians I've had! Thank you CroppMetcalfe!"

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