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Water Heater Repair, Service, and Installation

res-elecTypically a water heater is out of sight and out of mind and people only think about it when there is an issue. Your water heater is responsible for heating all water in the home for showering/bathing, cooking, and cleaning. The two main types of water heaters are gas and electric. This equipment stores water in a tank and heats it as necessary demanding on the demand from the user.

If your water heater is not operating properly or not giving you hot water at all, then you need to schedule a service appointment with a 5-Star Plumbing Technician. They have the technical knowledge and tools to fix your water heater problem right away and can recommend that right water heater for you if you need to replace your current equipment.

When the water heater stops working, the problems can be wide ranging including leaks, improper electrical hookup, and loss of pilot light. If your water heater is not working or you would like information on an installation of a tank or tankless system, contact us today. 

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