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Main Drain Video Inspection Special - $98!


You’ve plunged and plunged, but still you’ve got a drain blockage.  It’s time for a call to the 5-Star plumbing team at CroppMetcalfe. From minor clogs to major ruptures, we have all the tools and expertise required to diagnose and resolve drain issues – including video inspection services for your most baffling blockages.

Video drain inspection – when and why


Sometimes slow or blocked drains or sewer lines can be freed or repaired using traditional methods such as “snaking.” But when the problem isn’t so easy to diagnose and solve, you need to get in there and see what you’re dealing with.

Our expert video inspection team will do just that – quickly and affordably.  For major sewer backups, video inspection is often the only way to fully and accurately assess the problem. After all, drains blocked by excess paper are a very different problem from a sewer line invaded by tree roots or ruptured due to age – and you need to know exactly the cause of the issue in order to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

Save money with an inspection and cleaning package

CroppMetcalfe offers a complete video inspection with drain cleaning package and you can schedule your appointment online in just seconds. Take advantage of our video inspection for your main water line for $98 - and we'll waive this fee if you choose to complete the work to fix the problem (Please note: a recording of the video is an additional fee).

If your drain is running slowly or blocked or you’re monitoring a tree-root problem, our video drain inspection and cleaning package deal is a great way to resolve and/or assess the extent of the damage.

Tips from the drain experts

We’ve seen all kinds of drain clogs before, but by far the most common clogs are also the most preventable. Here are some tips to help you keep your drains clean and clear:

  • Catch loose hair – use a drain catcher to collect hair, and then transfer it to the trash can
  • Remove toiletry deposits and oils (toothpaste, soap, creams, etc.) can build up over time; an occasional boiling water drain rinse can help
  • Keep out objects like metal, paper towels and napkins that can cause serious clogs. Investing in a good, well-fitted drain catcher can save you many headaches (and keep your wedding ring where it belongs.)

CroppMetcalfe offers video drain inspections throughout the DMV, including:

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