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Toilet, Faucet, Sink & Drain Repairs


The majority of the time, you don't think about your main plumbing fixtures like toilets, faucets, sinks, and drains, because everything is running smoothly. But, when there is a problem you want it fixed right away. Luckily, CroppMetcalfe is here to help with all of your plumbing problems. Read below for more information.

Toilet Repair, Service, and Replacement

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While some common toilet problems can be solved easily on your own, other more complicated problems need the expertise of our 5-Star Plumbing Technicians. If you are having any of the following problems with the toilet in your home or business, then it's time to contact us:

  • The toilet tank fills, but the water still runs
  • The toilet tank doesn't fill, but the water still runs
  • Clogged toilet
  • Leaking under or around the toilet
  • Toilet won't flush
  • The tank fills slowly

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Whether your problem is a leaky faucet or you just want to upgrade you current faucet to the latest look, CroppMetcalfe's 5-Star Plumbing Technicians will be able to help. Remember, even a small leak in your faucet can really add up and raise your water bill.

Contact us today or schedule a service visit if you are having any of the following problems with your faucet:

  • Leaking Faucet
  • Water Pressure is Low
  • Broken Faucet Handle

Clogged and Blocked Sinks and Drains

We normally take sinks and drains for granted, but they can be huge problems when they become clogged or blocked. When materials build up in the sink or drain, water cannot get through which can lead to leaks and other problems. If you are having any problems with the sinks or drains in your home, then it’s time to schedule a service appointment with the plumbing experts at CroppMetcalfe.

Common causes of sink or drain blockage:

  • Loose hair
  • Toiletry (toothpaste, soap, etc.) deposits
  • Oils and fatty acids that build up over time
  • Materials like metal or paper towels that do not belong in the drains

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CroppMetcalfe can repair and replace the plumbing fixtures in your home throughout the DMV, including:


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