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Why Is My Kitchen Sink Clogged On Both Sides?

Jul 29, 2022


Why Is My Sink Backing Up on Both Sides?

Double kitchen sinks are exceptionally popular in modern houses. Usually, double kitchen sinks have two equally-sized basins, but this isn’t always the case. It’s not uncommon for one to be smaller than the other. Plumbing clogs are always annoying, so when you walk into your kitchen and see the sink filling with water on both sides, we understand your frustration. A kitchen sink backing up on both sides is unsightly, smelly, and inconvenient. A lot of homeowners who find their kitchen sink clogged on both sides—full of moist food bits and slimy soap water—immediately turn to the garbage disposal in the hopes of clearing the issue away. Sometimes, this tactic can solve the problem. However, this isn’t a cure-all so you may find this doesn’t always work. We’re here to help get your sink back to running the way it should. Double sinks add a lot of versatility and convenience to your kitchen, giving you two separate sides to use for different purposes—one for a dish- or hand-washing and the other for food prep, as an example. Unfortunately, double sinks are just as capable of clogging as any other type of sink.


Finding your kitchen sink clogged on both sides isn’t all that uncommon. While it may seem like the sinks are separate, the anatomy of your double sink reveals that they are indeed connected. If you’re confused about your kitchen sink backing up on both sides, take a look at the plumbing system underneath. While both sinks have a separate drain, they do connect. One tends to drain into the garbage disposal while the other has a separate drain. However, they intersect at the main drainage line. If you find your sink filling with water on both sides, that’s likely due to a clog in the main drainage line or P-trap.

How to Unclog a Double Sink

If you aren’t sure where the clog in your double sink is or how to fix it, you can contact an experienced plumber to resolve the issue. A skilled professional can ensure your sink is unclogged properly without causing unnecessary or accidental damage. If you are aware of where the clog is and feel confident in your ability to dislodge it, then here are three ways how to unclog a double sink on your own:

1. Plunge Your Sink Drain

That’s right. Plungers aren’t only for toilets. If you find your kitchen sink clogged on both sides, try gently using a plunger on the drain to move the blockage. Try a flat-rimmed plunger that can easily seal over the sink’s drain and apply gentle pressure until the sink empties again. Keep in mind that you should not plunge a sink that has a garbage disposal. Using a plunger on a sink drain featuring a garbage disposal can severely damage your disposal, even rendering it useless.

2. Use a Sink Snake

A sink snake is a helpful way to unclog blockages in your drains. Wear a pair of gloves to keep your hands protected, then gently feed the sink snake down your drainage line. Get the sink snake as deep as you can, then pull it back out. Repeat the process as many times as needed to clear the clog.

3. Clean the P Trap

As mentioned above, the main drainage line and the P-trap are the two most likely places for a clog to be located if your double kitchen sink won’t drain. To clean out the P-trap, you’ll want to clear out the entire cabinet under the sink. Place a bucket underneath the P-trap. This bucket will need to be large enough to catch any drainage that falls from your sink as you clean. Using a wrench, remove the pipe and look inside for any trapped debris. Clean the P-trap and make sure it’s completely clear before replacing all the piping. 

Still Have a Kitchen Sink Clogged on Both Sides?

Once you’ve attempted one or all three of these fixes, your sink should drain as normal. However, if you are still dealing with your kitchen sink backing up on both sides, or if you don’t want to deal with unclogging it in the first place, it’s time to call CroppMetcalfe to handle the project. Our professional team can take care of the clog for you and get your double kitchen sink working again in no time. Fill out a service request today.



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