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Wrapping Pipes For Winter And Freezing Weather

Jan 05, 2023

Even though a majority of your plumbing is indoors, the winter season can cause serious damage to your pipes. This is especially likely if you don’t take steps to winterize your plumbing system to protect it against the cold. Wrapping pipes for winter is a great way to help protect them.


If you’re wondering, “How do you wrap pipes to prevent freezing?” or you want tips on the best way to wrap pipes for winter, then stick around. We’ve put together a guide for wrapping pipes for freezing weather to help homeowners keep their plumbing in better shape. Let’s dive in.

Why Wrap Your Pipes for Winter

Wrapping pipes for winter helps keep your home in tip top shape and prevent expensive repairs like fixing a frozen, water-filled pipe that burst because of the dropping temperatures. A burst pipe also has the potential to cause serious harm through water damage, flooding, and more. The extra step of wrapping your pipes can help prevent most of these issues.


The best time to winterize your pipes is during the fall before temperatures have had the chance to drop. Wrapping pipes may take some practice, and if you aren’t familiar with it, feel free to reach out to one of the professionals here at CroppMetcalfe.

How Do You Wrap Pipes to Prevent Freezing?

1. Check for Leaky Pipes

Go through your home and look through the bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, basement, crawl spaces, garage, and attic to examine your pipes. Check for signs of dripping water, water damage, pooling water, and more. Any leaking pipes should be fully repaired before wrapping for the winter season. Call in a professional plumber to repair pipe leaks if you spot issues

2. Choose Your Materials

Before you wrap a pipe, determine the material you want to use for wrapping. Depending on the material of your home’s pipes, you may want to use different insulation products. For example, you can use heat tape or thermostatically controlled heat cables to wrap your pipes in some cases. Check with a professional plumber if you aren’t sure what’s best for your particular situation.

3. Find the Diameter and Length Needed

Do some measuring! You’ll need to know how many pipes you have as well as their measurements so you know how much insulation material you’ll need. You can consult a trusted plumber or the pipe’s manufacturer’s guidelines for more information.

4. Follow the Directions to Wrap Pipes

Depending on the type of your pipes and the material you choose, make sure you follow specific instructions for this pipe wrapping method. Carefully wrap your pipes with the insulation material, keeping in mind that some materials — such as heat tape — need to be plugged in at one end to a source of electricity.


Make sure you wrap specific sections of pipes that may be particularly vulnerable to the cold winter temperatures. This will help guarantee that you protect your pipes against the cold.

5. Secure Your Insulation

Following the directions provided or using electric tape, secure the insulation so it stays in place all winter long. The last thing you need is to go to all the effort of wrapping pipes for winter, only for the insulation to fall off within the week.

What Can I Use to Wrap My Pipes?

The material you choose to wrap your pipes for winter depends on your specific type of pipe. You can use heat tape, heat cables, or even a pipe sleeve to insulate your pipes. Check with your plumbing professional if you need help determining what material should be used to wrap your pipes during the winter season. 

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