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Do Plumbers Fix Sump Pumps?

Sep 01, 2020

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A sump pump is a carefully designed drainage system meant to remove water from your basement that collects during storms and leaks. Consisting of a drainage tank and water pump, it diverts water away from your basement, protecting your home from flooding.


This process works wonderfully until the sump pump fails. Making sure your sump pump is in good working order and ready for the rain is important to protecting your home.

How Does Water Get into the Basement?

Typically, there are three ways water can get in and flood your basement. The first is that your home could rest on a high water table, allowing water to seep in through joints and cracks in the basement. The second is that water leaks through your walls, doors, or any other cracks during storms. The last is that a pipe breaks, causing flooding. A well-working sump pump should be able to help you with these issues, but a broken one could make the problems worse.

Do Plumbers Fix Sump Pumps?

CroppMetcalfe can absolutely resolve your sump pump issues with our variety of sump pump repair services. If you think your sump pump isn’t working properly, if you’ve found water in your basement, or if you just want to be sure your sump pump is ready for the rain and not on the verge of failure, call us to schedule an inspection and we’ll put your worries to rest.

How Do Plumbers Fix Sump Pumps?

The sump pump repair services used to fix your sump pump entirely depends on what sort of maintenance issue has occurred. Whether it’s a power issue, a clog, a drainage problem, a poorly designed sump pump, a bad installation, or any other type of issue with your sump pump, our certified plumbers at CroppMetcalfe will assess the problem and provide a solution for you

What Causes a Sump Pump to Fail?

Just like any mechanical device, sump pumps are prone to occasional malfunctions, especially older ones that have operated for a long time. There are also some sump pumps on the market that are bad models made from cheap materials that won’t stand the test of time. Improper installation and bad maintenance can also cause a sump pump to fail.


Overall, here are the three main reasons why a sump pump will fail:

1. Overwhelmed System

Sometimes the load a sump pump needs to handle far outweighs its capabilities. For instance, some sump pumps that are cheaply made aren’t able to withstand the volume of water at hand, especially during heavy rains. Alternatively, the capacity of a sump pump tank could be too small for the water load. 


In this case, it’s important that you upgrade your sump pump with one that is better quality and has a higher water capacity, or that you install more than one sump pump in different corners of your basement so they can work together to handle the water load and prevent flooding.

2. Clogging

A sump pump that doesn’t have a lid can easily become clogged with dirt, leaves, and other debris over time, causing it to slow down or stop working. The sump pump itself could become clogged, or its mechanical parts, switches, and piping could clog.


In this case, or to prevent situations like these from occurring, have a professional come inspect, repair, and clean your sump pump. Make sure they cover it with an airtight lid to prevent the situation from happening again. A lid will also keep your sump pump kid- and pet-friendly since the contaminated water source is properly covered. 

3. No Water in Sump Pit

If there isn’t any water in your sump pump, this is a clear sign that your sump pump was installed incorrectly, or that it hasn’t been linked to a drainage system. Your basement’s drainage system should be designed to flow downwards using gravity, collecting at the sump pump so it can remove it. If this isn’t happening, you’ll need to get your drainage system inspected by a certified plumber and have the issue resolved. Alternatively, the sump pump may need to be replaced or re-installed correctly.

Take Advantage of Our Sump Pump Repair Services

Don’t wait to find water in your basement before checking that your sump pump is ready to take on the rain. Call CroppMetcalfe at 1-877-740-6657 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers. 


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