Energy Audits

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Certified Home Performance Testing


The airflow in and out of your house is caused by many factors and directly impacts the comfort and efficiency of your home. Which home energy audit is right for your needs? Checkout the information below or contact us for more information.

Testing Benefits

Whole House

BPI Certified

Health and Safety Check
(Inspect for smoke detector / CO monitors / Health hazards)



Combustible Appliance Zone Check
(Check CO levels in home)



Gas Leakage Test
(Check for combustible gas leaks)

Energy Savings Assessment Check
(Prioritize and recommend energy saving methods and repairs)



Building Performance and Air Leakage Test
(Blower door / Infiltrometer test)
(Evaluate and identify your home's tightness)

Thermal Imaging Survey
(Scan home with thermal imaging camera to identify hidden areas of concern i.e. missing insulation)

Cost Benefit Analysis For Energy Control Mesure (ECMs)
(Approximate savings for energy savings)



Duct System Leakage Test & Inspection*
(In depth test/inspection of duct leakage to unconditioned areas)

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Test Inspection*
(Inspect ventilation for fresh air requirements. Check filtration of 
current systems)


Combustible Appliance and Zone Test*
(Test the home and identify gas appliances for CO leak under 
"worst case" scenario)



BPI Certification Certificate 






* Building analyst to determine if required based on current home conditions.

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