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Breaker or Fuse Repair & Replacement Services


Are you constantly tripping breakers or blowing fuses in your home? Call 540-347-3024 for a quote on expert Warrenton, VA breaker or fuse repair by CroppMetcalfe. Find out how you can save on your next home electrical project with our exclusive online coupons and sales.

If the breakers and fuses in your home continue to trip or blow, you may be in need of repair or replacement services. With 16 years of experience with residential electrical repairs and replacements in Warrenton, VA, the 5-Star Electricians at CroppMetcalfe can provide safe and efficient services.

The Differences Between Breakers and Fuses:

Breakers and fuses are necessary in a home to control the amount of electricity entering your outlets. If an outlet is going to become overloaded, the breaker will trip or the fuse will blow. This occurs to protect you and your family from electrocution and also to protect your appliances from shorting out or also getting overloaded.

The main difference between a fuse and a breaker is the method they use to interrupt the flow of electricity. A breaker is more modern and works with a spring-loaded contact that trips when overloaded. Breakers can be interrupted an infinite amount of times since they can always be switched back.

A fuse does the same general function, except it uses a strip of metal that safely melts when overloaded to interrupt the electricity. Fuses are often used in older homes and can only be blown once before replacement is necessary.

What are the Most Common Breaker Repairs?

The breakers in your home have an important job in protecting your family and your electrical devices from getting overloaded. It’s important that your breakers are working properly. Some of the most common breaker repairs we see include:

  • Replacing old or deteriorating breakers or wires
  • Inadequate wiring
  • Hazards that cause burning smells or popping sounds inside the panel
  • External breaker panel repairs such replacing the panel box

Stay Away from DIY Breaker Repairs:

Hiring a professional electrician to replace or repair your breakers or fuses is the best way to get electrical repairs handled properly. A professional can safely and efficiently repair your units so that they continue to operate safely. In the electrical industry, safety is our number one concern. A malfunctioning breaker can cause a serious safety issue for you and your family. A professional can help.

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