Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Ductwork is a frequently overlooked element of the commercial HVAC system — out of sight, out of mind. However, dirty ducts are one of the main sources of allergy- and odor-causing contaminants in both residential and commercial spaces. Any commercial property that has undergone recent renovations or is due for annual HVAC maintenance should add duct cleaning to the list of tasks to accomplish.

What is commercial air duct cleaning?

Duct cleaning is the process of removing the dust, dirt, and debris from the inside walls of a heating and cooling system’s ductwork. Over time, anything from dust and cobwebs to rodent droppings and visible signs of mold and mildew can accumulate in commercial ductwork, creating an unhealthy environment for building occupants. All of these contaminants are thoroughly removed during professional ductwork cleaning to ensure healthy air quality and improve airflow in your commercial building. 

How often should air ducts be cleaned?

Two common questions we receive about commercial air duct cleaning are 1) how often should air ducts be cleaned? and 2) how can you tell if air ducts need cleaning? 


While it depends on a few factors, most commercial duct systems should be cleaned every two to four years. If you maintain your commercial HVAC system well and change out the filters according to the appropriate schedule, you can usually increase the time between duct cleanings.


Here’s how to tell if your air ducts need cleaning:


  • If your property has recently undergone a renovation or addition
  • If your property is in constant need of cleaning service
  • If there is visible mold in or around the ductwork
  • If your property has experienced pest control issues
  • If energy costs are rising without another clear reason

What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

Critical benefits of commercial air duct cleaning include:


  • A cleaner environment. Clearing dust and debris from within the ductwork helps you maintain a cleaner space for building occupants.
  • Improved HVAC efficiency. Clean ducts mean there are fewer obstacles for the air to fight through. This allows the HVAC systems to operate smoothly, without any restrictions.
  • Better air quality. Clean air ducts allow fewer dust particles and allergens to circulate through your building, resulting in a healthier environment for occupants.
  • Fewer smells and odors. Mold, mildew, and rodent droppings all create unpleasant smells that can be carried throughout your building via air ducts. Commercial duct cleaning can help eliminate these odors. 

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