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Sometimes duct systems may not be very efficient in certain parts of your home that require ventilation and comfort. The solution you ask? A duct free split system, or ductless system. These stand alone systems can offer all the comfort of a central air system at the fraction of the cost. They also serve as a quiet alternative to a standard heating or air conditioning unit.

Duct free splits have become increasingly popular over the last few years as new and possibly costly duct work doesn't have to be installed in the house or in a newly remodeled addition. They offer significant costs savings when thought out and installed correctly. Like most new technology, controlling the temperature is simple and can really save on those ever rising utility bills in the peak season months.

Duct free split systems provide convenience and aesthetic appeal to just about anywhere in your home where a conventional duct system would otherwise be impractical. A ductless system is also an ideal compliment to your already ducted system. CroppMetcalfe duct free systems offer a matched combination of the following:

  • Heat Pump or Air Conditioner
  • Cools and/or heats refrigerant
  • A Compact Fan Coil
  • Converts refrigerant and circulates air
  • Refrigerant Tubing and Wires
  • Connects outdoor unit to fan coil
  • Control or Thermostat
  • Your interface for controlling your system
  • Optional Air Quality Accessories such as Air Cleaners or Ventilators
  • Clean your air before it circulates throughout your home.

CroppMetcalfe provides HVAC  services to homeowners throughout the D.C. metro area, including: 


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