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Generator Installation Services

Over 3,000 power outages occur in the U.S. each year, affecting millions of people across the country. Since nearly 60 percent of all blackouts are caused by intense weather events and about 34 percent are caused by electric companies’ equipment failure, power outages are often outside of our control. Homeowners need to be prepared to handle a power outage at a moment’s notice.

When the power goes out, your home comfort and even safety can be compromised. Heating and cooling systems, security systems, emergency medical devices like oxygen machines, appliances like refrigerators and freezers – these appliances are all critical in emergency situations and they all require access to continuous power.

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Trust CroppMetcalfe for reliable, safe and efficient home generator installation services in the DMV. Our 5-Star Technicians have years of experience installing a variety of types of home generators. Our standby generators can run on natural or liquid propane (LP) gas and have automatic startup and shutdown. Plus, all of our generators can be customized to meet whatever your home’s specific power needs.

Maybe you work remotely and need your home office to remain secure when the power goes out. Our pros work with homeowners to perform an in-depth analysis of each home’s power needs, taking into consideration the list of circuits homeowners want to target. Whatever requirements you need your generator to meet, the CroppMetcalfe team will work with you to find the best possible solution.

CroppMetcalfe Generator Features & Benefits

We rely on electricity all day, every day. With a standby generator, homeowners can go about their daily routines without worry. Key features and benefits of home generators include:

  • Natural or LP Gas
  • UL 2200 Protection Rated
  • Whole Home Power Capabilities
  • Automatic Startup and Shutdown
  • Sound-Deadening Cabinet
  • Up to 5-Year Limited Warranty

Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re protected in the event of a power outage. Aside from generator installation services, we also offer a Generator Preferred Service Policy on the equipment that we install so you have the additional protection of an annual inspection conducted by one of our 5-Star Technicians.

CroppMetcalfe Generator Services Offer Peace of Mind

Count on CroppMetcalfe when you need reliable, safe and affordable electrical service. Our experienced and skilled electricians can safely and efficiently solve any electrical problem you may have. Call us at 1-800-462-7677 to schedule an appointment or request service online today.

CroppMetcalfe provides standby generator installation services throughout the DMV. Check out our full list of service areas, including:



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