Computer Room A/C Units

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Computer Room A/C Units

It doesn’t take an expert to convince you that your business’ computer room contains valuable information, important data, and expensive equipment. Appropriate data room heat removal and humidity regulation is one of the most critical (yet overlooked) aspects of managing the environment for your technical equipment. Having something like a computer room AC unit can help protect your equipment and data by keeping the room at cool, consistent temperatures and controlling the humidity levels. 

What is a Computer Room AC Unit?

Installing a data room cooling system—usually referred to as a computer room AC unit (or CRAC)—is absolutely essential to keeping the air in your computer, phone, or data room cool, dry and clean. 


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Data and telecom rooms require a lot of power to keep equipment running quickly and efficiently, which can let off a lot of heat in the process. Without proper temperature regulation, hot and humid air can cause important machinery to overheat, rust and break down, posing physical and financial threats to your business’ operations. Overheating equipment is also a fire hazard, putting the safety and wellbeing of your building’s occupants at risk. 

How to Choose a Computer Room AC Unit

When choosing a computer room cooling system, it’s important to go with something that will work well in an IT environment. Not all AC units are created equal, which means that not every AC unit will operate well if it’s expected to handle your data room cooling.


Finding the right fit of an AC unit is essential, especially if the unit is going to be managing a room full of expensive data and equipment. Consider the size of your computer room and find an AC unit that can work with the space. Something that’s too large won’t be able to dehumidify the space while something that’s too small won’t be able to maintain consistent temperatures.


It’s also important to check the SEER rating and consider how much energy a unit will take. There are many high-efficiency AC units available today that may or may not work better for your space. If you need a ductless AC unit, it’s important to consider what commercial options are available.


Consider all the warranty information and get to know your installer before committing to a computer room AC unit. Deciding who will handle your commercial AC installation is just as important as choosing the right unit itself. 

Prioritize Computer Room Cooling Today

Keep your phone and data systems operating safely and efficiently with computer room cooling designed to fit your exact needs and specifications. If you need help choosing the right computer room AC unit or you have additional questions about commercial HVAC projects, call our expert team or contact us online