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Commercial HVAC Services


Improper heating and cooling operations in commercial buildings can lead to a host of problems, including reduced employee productivity, computer malfunctions, and irreplaceable experiment failures, not to mention thousands of dollars in damages.
CroppMetcalfe is a full-service commercial HVAC company with the ability to service and install all types of heating, cooling, refrigeration and indoor air quality systems.
Our team of qualified 5-Star Technicians service, replace and maintain air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems for commercial buildings such as condominiums and apartments, office buildings, retail stores and more throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.
We offer commercial HVAC repair services for a variety of heating and cooling systems, including:
Boiler systems often provide a quieter and, in some cases, more efficient heating solution compared to other common systems. Our team can repair and replace any commercial boiler — gas, oil or electric — to ensure your commercial space is adequately heated.
Centrifugal and Reciprocating Chillers
Pneumatic/Electrical Temperature Controls
Cooling Towers
We ensure your commercial air conditioning system delivers the right amount of conditioned air to each room in your building through the process of air balancing and testing.
By conducting a number of tests, our HVAC experts are able to measure airflow, temperature and humidity levels, and evaluate the performance of your commercial cooling system.
Furnaces and Heat Pumps
If your building’s furnace is over 20 years old, chances are it needs to be replaced. Our qualified technicians have the tools and knowledge to solve any furnace problems you may encounter. We also provide commercial HVAC service for heat pumps.
Rooftop Units
Clean ductwork not only enhances the efficiency of your commercial heating and cooling systems, but improves indoor air quality for your employees, tenants or clients. Over time, dirt and contaminants collect inside the duct system, which can damage your HVAC system and cause allergies.
Our duct cleaning process removes dust, dirt and debris from the inside walls of your heating and cooling systems ductwork to ensure peak HVAC performance and indoor air quality.
It’s important to ensure the humidity level is regulated in your commercial space. Too much humidity can lead to issues like mold growth and structural damage, while dry air can lead to uncomfortable itchy skin and even nose bleeds. Call our HVAC experts to install and maintain your commercial humidification and dehumidification systems.

Commercial HVAC Service Agreements

CroppMetcalfe is a member of the United Service Alliance. Our fully-trained specialists provide 24-hour emergency service with prompt response and superior quality work. Our service capabilities include air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ventilation installations as well as first-class repair and retrofit solutions.
Commercial HVAC service agreements can dramatically reduce the likelihood of large-scale, costly mechanical failures inside your facility. Contact us for information about our Preferred Service Policies for your commercial building.