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Mosquito Control Services


Mosquito Control

If you’re a resident of Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Northern Virginia, you’re probably used to dealing with mosquitoes. It seems like each time you step outside, mosquitoes find a way to make their mark on you.

Mosquito activity begins to rise when the temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Hot, humid summer weather in the DMV creates an ideal environment for mosquitoes to live and breed.

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Mosquitoes are more than just annoying — they can be harmful, as well. Their bites can spread infectious diseases like Zika virus and West Nile virus.

While there are some steps you can take to keep mosquitoes at bay, like using bug spray and eliminating standing water in your yard, the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes and prevent them from returning is to implement a mosquito control plan.

Don’t spend your summer stuck indoors avoiding these irritating pests. Take a stand against mosquitoes with CroppMetcalfe's unmatched mosquito yard treatment.

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Mosquito Treatment

When you sign up for our annual Mosquito Treatment Plan, your home will be treated multiple times per year. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our mosquito treatment will get rid of your mosquito problem and keep your yard pest-free all summer long.

The treatment itself is focused on locating and treating breeding sites and other areas where mosquitoes land and rest. It kills both adult mosquitoes and larvae, which halts the breeding process and ensures mosquitoes are eliminated fully.

Monthly mosquito treatments are recommended for the best results. Our mosquito yard treatments are:

  • Non-invasive. Our outdoor treatment means you don't have to be home for us to treat your yard, so there’s no inconvenience or interruption to your family’s schedule.
  • Comprehensive. We spray near shrubs and fallen leaves, under decks, around gutters and pipes, and any other areas prone to mosquito activity. Our mosquito treatment is safe for plants and flowers.
  • Kid- and Pet-friendly. Our mosquito yard treatment is safe for children and pets, although we recommend keeping them away from the sprayed area for at least one hour after treatment.  

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If you live in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Northern Virginia and notice signs of a mosquito problem in your yard, contact CroppMetcalfe to start a Mosquito Treatment Plan immediately. Our certified pest control professionals use the industry’s safest materials to eliminate mosquitoes and keep them from returning. Contact us now.

CroppMetcalfe provides mosquito control services throughout the DMV. Check out our full list of service areas, including: