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Mosquitoes: Don't Let These Pests Spoil Your Plans


It seems that whenever we want to be outdoors, mosquitoes want to join the fun! Mosquitoes are more than just annoying, their bites can bring infectious diseases as well, like the Zika virus you have seen all over the news recently. Now is the perfect time to take a stand with CroppMetcalfe's unmatched mosquito treatment.

When you sign-up for our annual Mosquito Treatment Plan, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your home or business will be treated multiple times per year to help prevent mosquitoes from even becoming a problem.

The treatment itself is focused on recommendations, locating and treating breeding sites and treatment to areas where mosquitoes land and rest. It also kills adult and larvae mosquitoes. This customized approach will help protect you from mosquitoes all summer long.

Our mosquito treatments are:

  • Non-invasive and are an outside treatment, meaning you don't have to be home for us to treat your area
  • We will spray near shrubs, under decks, and other areas prone to mosquito activity like standing water
  • Yes, our treatment is safe for pets but we do recommend keeping them off of the treated area for a 1 hour period)