Bad Allergies

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Location: Vienna, VA


A homeowner was concerned about the status of the duct system due to their breathing, allergy, and air quality problems in the home.


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Duct work not sealed properly. Suspicious substance caused by moisture in duct system.  Duct work improperly sealed with "duct tape." Old, bulky return configuration.

CroppMetcalfe investigated their duct system prior to having it cleaned and discovered that the duct system had large gaps in the supply lines. Leaking duct work in unconditioned areas will cause moisture problems inside the duct work and significant energy efficiency loss as well. By simply doing a visual inspection on the duct system in the attic we were able to identify a significant source for the air quality, dust, and moisture concerns in the home. The duct system was made of an older fiberglass duct board material which deteriorates over time introducing air borne particles into the air of the home.


CroppMetcalfe recommended solving the issue by replacing the attic duct system with a combination of solid metal and flexible ducting that is properly sealed and insulated.


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Duct work sealed properly. The duct work is now connected properly. Duct work sealed with MASTIC tape (not duct tape). New cleaner return to allow better airflow. 

As a result of the recommended work performed, the possibility of the duct system pulling in the contaminated and unconditioned attic air and distributing throughout the home was eliminated. This will also reduce wasted energy and improve the comfort of the serviced areas.