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13 Signs of Termites Inside and Outside Your Home

Aug 11, 2022


With the coming of the warm weather, you have a lot of fun things to look forward to. But it can also mean a few things to watch out for. While you can expect plenty of blooming flowers, outdoor barbecues, and beach trips, the warmer weather can also mean the influx of new pests, like termites.


These “silent destroyers” love the warm weather just as much — if not more — than we do. Throughout the spring and summer, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs of termites in your house so you can keep it protected from this nasty pest. Look for signs of termites in ceiling areas, signs of termites in walls, and signs of termites outside the house. You should even learn to recognize early state signs of termites in trees to help you stay on top of home maintenance.  

Where to Look for Signs of Termites in Home

As a homeowner, you can better protect your home by knowing a few common signs of pest activity. Understanding the signs of termites in your house can help you catch an infestation early, allowing you to prevent severe damage and avoid costly repairs. It’s important to start looking around your home, especially in warm weather, for any possible signs of termite activity before it’s too late.


While there are some unique types of termites all with their own preferred areas of attack, there are some common areas to keep an eye on in your home. Here are the main areas you should watch for signs of termites:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Light fixtures
  • Vents
  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Attic
  • Dead or damaged trees
  • The base of the foundation of your house
  • Expansion joints in garages or slab homes
  • Along baseboards
  • Around the wood of your subfloor

13 Signs of Termites in Your House  

Whether you’re looking for signs of termites in ceilings, signs of termites in walls, or outside signs of termites, some activity is a sure sign that you have some of these pesky buggers. Termites can live inside or outside for some time without showing evidence of their whereabouts.


It’s important to pay attention to dry wood termites since they like to burrow deep into wooden structures. There are also subterranean termites that tend to go underground and can be highly discreet when it comes to infestations. Mud tube termites, on the other hand, build mud tunnels to travel above ground. These tubes provide them with shelter and protection as they seek out wood.


To help keep termite damage to a minimum, familiarize yourself with these 13 common signs of termites:

  1. Drooping, discolored drywall
  2. Buckling floors
  3. Signs of damage that resemble water damage, such as stains or peeling paint
  4. Pinprick holes in your drywall
  5. Wood that sounds hollow or feels thin
  6. Floorboards that are increasingly or excessively squeaky
  7. Windows or doors that get stuck or jammed
  8. Maze-like patterns in your walls, ceilings, floors, or furniture
  9. Mounds of termite waste that may resemble salt or pepper
  10. Wooden areas of your home that are damaged and crumbling
  11. Piles of termite wings
  12. Flying termite swarms anywhere on your property
  13. Loosening floor tiles due to added moisture from termites in the floors


Remember that keeping an eye out for termite damage all around the house — both inside and outside — is important. Wood that has suffered termite damage will sound hollow and fall apart easily if probed. Buckling paint or tiny holes in wood are also clear signs of termite activity.

What to Do if You Find Signs of Termites in Your House 

Finding termites in a structure does not necessarily mean you have an immediate emergency, but it is a good time to call a certified pest control technician to do an inspection. A termite inspection through CroppMetcalfe will include a full inspection report, a treatment graph, and a written proposal for your customized treatment plan.

Schedule a Pest Inspection Today!

If you suspect there are pests in your home, then it’s time to reach out to a pest control service to get the issue professionally addressed. DIY pest control rarely works on termites, and ignoring the issue can lead to severe, expensive, and even catastrophic damage to your home. Contact CroppMetcalfe to get your termite situation under control and feel safe and secure in your home again. 



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