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When crickets enter the home, you’ll know. They hide in dark, warm places during the day, but the chirping of these nocturnal insects might keep you awake at night. You’ll recognize house crickets by their yellowish-brown bodies with three dark cross bands on their head. Once inside, house crickets feast on fabric, which could leave your clothing, furniture and carpets at risk.

Problems with crickets

Crickets are mainly a nuisance pest. Their chirping, which is caused by male crickets rubbing their front wings together to attract females, can be quite an annoyance and cause of lost sleep.

Crickets can cause damage to your possessions. When they eat fabric, crickets usually feed on the surface, leaving the area roughened from pulling fibers loose. This leads to ruined clothes and furniture.

Cricket seasonality

During the summer, crickets live outside, eating plants and insects. Their chirps are typically the soundtrack to summer nights. They are especially fond of garbage dumps and bright lights.

But as temperatures drop in the Washington, D.C, Northern Virginia and Maryland area, crickets enter homes, sheds and businesses looking for moisture and warmth.

How to prevent crickets from entering the home

  • Reduce areas of moisture in and around your home. Provide adequate ventilation in basements, crawlspaces and other places in the home that are prone to moisture.
  • Move any woodpiles away from the structure.
  • Regularly mow the lawn and trim plants away from the home.
  • Since crickets are attracted to bright lights, try changing outdoor lights to duller yellow bulbs or sodium-vapor lamps. Close your blinds at night.
  • Seal possible points of entry, paying close attention to gaps and cracks around doors and windows.
  • Keep your garbage can covered, and take the trash out regularly.
  • Keep your gutters clean.
  • Discard of clutter in the basement to eliminate hiding places.

Cricket removal

Commercial traps and bug sprays may successfully eliminate crickets. However, most pest removal is best left to a professional. Crickets make their indoor homes in hidden or inaccessible places, including wall cavities. Since they are hard to find, DIY cricket remedies don’t always eliminate the problem completely. True cricket removal requires a two-pronged approach — taking care of the crickets inside the property and inspecting for and removing cricket harborage around the home.

Cricket control professionals

Our pest control professionals at CroppMetcalfe offer a free estimate and diagnosis of pest problems. After that, we develop a plan for the best course of action to take at your home or business. Our certified pest control professionals have an average of 15 years of experience in the field. We use the industry’s safest materials to eliminate your pest problems and keep them from returning.

CroppMetcalfe provides cricket extermination and removal services throughout the DMV, including:

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