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How often should air conditioning be serviced?

Jul 06, 2021

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As a homeowner, it can be difficult to keep up with maintenance as there are so many moving parts that keep your home running in proper order. Some tasks can easily escape our minds, like checking on your AC unit, until a problem pops up. Learning how often your air conditioning should be serviced and common signs of AC unit malfunction are important to increasing its lifespan and keeping your home more comfortable.

HVAC Maintenance Schedule

No matter what type of heating and air conditioning equipment you have in your home, it needs maintenance—including a full inspection and cleaning—at least once per year, though twice per year is ideal.


During a service, there are several maintenance tasks you can expect your technician to complete. The AC unit’s air filter needs to be replaced, and both the indoor and outdoor coils should be cleaned to help efficiency, airflow, and allow for proper drainage. The condensate pump—which is often overlooked—will also require proper cleaning to avoid system failure.


It’s important that your HVAC technician performs a thorough visual inspection to look for anything out of the ordinary. 

When To Get AC Serviced

Getting your AC unit serviced twice per year—once in the spring before cooling season and once in the fall before heating season—helps ensure that your unit is fully prepared for the changing weather. Being proactive can end up saving you a lot of money in repairs and a lot of discomfort and frustration.

Signs Your AC Unit Needs Servicing

In addition to regularly scheduled bi-annual maintenance, you may need to call in a professional for AC service if you notice any of the following signs of malfunction:


  • Your air conditioner is blowing warm air
  • There is very little air blowing from your vents (and your air filters are clean)
  • Your air conditioner is making loud, strange noises
  • The thermostat isn't working properly
  • You smell strange odors burning when you turn on your AC
  • There's a pool of water around your AC unit
  • Your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant
  • Your electric bill has shot up for no clear reason
  • Serious issues with your air conditioner are becoming more common

If you notice any of these AC symptoms, make sure to contact an HVAC repair company. Ignoring the problem can lead to more severe damage and that is more expensive to repair.

Keep Your AC Running All Summer Long

Don’t wait for outdoor temperatures to get blistering hot to schedule your AC inspection. If your unit is not prepared to function adequately, it could break down during some of the hottest days of the year.


Contact the 5-Star Technicians at CroppMetcalfe for expert HVAC service from professionals you can trust. Call or submit a service request online to be sure your AC unit is working at its best all summer long.



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