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Commercial Electrical Panels

Sep 22, 2022


When looking for commercial electrical specialists you can trust with electrical installation and upgrades, you should look for one with experience, skills, and care to get the job done right. A commercial electrical panel is an important part of your building’s electrical system. Knowing what a commercial electrical panel is, how it works, and how it impacts your commercial building can make a big difference.


When you work with CroppMetcalfe, you can rest assured that all your electrical installations, repairs, and upgrades will be handled professionally. We understand the importance of maintaining electrical systems in commercial buildings as well as the value of addressing issues quickly. We can help prevent detrimental electrical issues and keep your building running efficiently.

What is a Commercial Electrical Panel?

Your commercial building’s power flow is managed, monitored, and controlled by a commercial electrical panel. This panel serves as a protective safety measure to maintain the efficiency and safety of your building as well as anyone inside it.


The safety of your employees and the value of your property both benefit from the correct use and maintenance of your electrical panel. You should always consult a certified electrician to install the ideal electrical panel for your needs.

Types of Electrical Panels for Commercial Buildings

It’s normal to have a lot of questions when it comes to commercial electrical panels. Considering a commercial electric LED flat panel, a commercial electric patch panel, and trying to figure out a commercial electrical panel load calculation can be overwhelming when you’re unfamiliar with how electrical systems work.


Learning more about the different types of commercial electrical panels can help you make better choices for your building. Single-phase and three-phase are the two most common types of electrical panel options you have for a commercial building.

Single-Phase Commercial Electrical Panel 

The single-phase system is one of the most widely used forms of commercial electrical panels. For tiny enterprises or residences with minimal electrical requirements, the single-phase system is a fantastic choice that can handle all your electrical needs. Although it’s not as long-lasting as a three-phase panel, it’s still a suitable alternative depending on your building size and budget.

Three-Phase Commercial Electrical Panel

The three-phase system is another popular type of commercial electrical panel. Large buildings such as factories, office complexes, and hospitals can receive plenty of electricity from them. The three wires in this system transmit a current via the load center circuit breaker box and back to an electric meter.


This type of electrical panel utilizes one neutral wire and two live wires, which are typically connected to different phases. A three-phase electrical panel requires a larger breaker box to help prevent overheating.

Tips for Learning How to Use Your Commercial Electrical Panel

You should never ignore your commercial electrical panel. This piece of equipment is integral to the functioning of your building. The installation process requires a high level of attention to detail as well as knowledge of the safety measures required. Always work with a professional for electrical repairs and installations. This is the best way to ensure safety for you, your customers, your employees, and your building.


It’s still worthwhile, however, to know how to treat your electrical panel. Here are 5 tips to help ensure you’re handling your commercial electrical system correctly:


  1. Always complete a thorough commercial electrical panel load calculation before adding new panels, circuits, or outlets to your building. This ensures there’s enough flow for your system and you don’t end up with electrical problems.
  2. Never work on any aspect of your building’s electrical system without turning off the main breaker first. This goes for electrical upgrades as well as major appliance installations.
  3. Always ensure any new electrical equipment (even a new panel) is compatible with the rest of your system when it comes to voltage.
  4. For new electrical panel installation, take time to consider the best location so it doesn’t interfere with plumbing lines, HVAC lines, or other obstacles that could cause problems.
  5. Carefully consider the electrician you choose to work on your electrical panel repairs and installations. Only let someone with the right experience and certifications work on your electrical system.

Have Electrical Questions?

Maintaining your commercial building requires you to pay attention to your electrical system. CroppMetcalfe can help keep your building up to code, making it as efficient and safe as possible. Contact us today with any questions concerning your commercial electrical system or if you’re looking to schedule repair or installation services.


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