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The Do's and Don'ts of Remodeling Your Bathroom

May 19, 2022


At the end of the day, when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of bathroom remodeling that’s happening in your own home, you have the final say… as long as everything is structurally sound and the plumbing is properly set up. Keep in mind that undertaking a bathroom remodel can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. It’s a sizable investment and can quickly get out of hand if you’re not careful with your work, budget, and design decisions. 

To help you avoid some bathroom renovation mistakes, we’ve gathered our best master bathroom remodel tips, as well as a few tips on what to avoid. 

5 Bathroom Remodel Tips

1. Set a Budget

When planning a bathroom remodel, you must create a budget for yourself to help determine what investments are worthwhile and what are not. It also helps make sure you don’t overspend on your remodel and end up with a renovation project you can’t afford. Get super clear on your budget for the project and then plan around that for all your renovation decisions. If something is going to blow you way beyond your budget, skip it or postpone it to a later date when that particular upgrade is affordable.

2. Low Maintenance is Best

While you want to choose fixtures and materials that look new and fresh and give your bathroom your desired appearance, you can help save yourself time and money in the long run by going with low-maintenance options. Keep in mind that “low-maintenance” doesn’t mean unattractive. 

Choosing low-maintenance materials means less chipping, breaking, or scratching. Selecting finishes that are easy to clean will keep your bathroom looking new and fresh for longer. This might simply mean choosing quartz instead of marble for your counters, going with faucets that are built to last rather than built for fancy styling, and choosing a glass shower door that’s been treated with anti-spotting agents to lessen the cleaning time.

3. Go with Light

It’s no secret that bright, open spaces feel welcoming and enjoyable. The brighter you can make your bathroom, the more spacious it will feel, and the more you’ll appreciate being in the space. While it can be worthwhile to upgrade the shower, toilet, and flooring, if you ignore all your lighting upgrades, then you could end up not loving your space and feeling disappointed with the renovation project.

Don’t let your design choices go unnoticed by neglecting to update your light fixtures. Dark, shadowy spaces can set the mood sometimes, but high-quality lighting will showcase your bathroom remodel and draw attention to all its best features.

Here are some ways you can add lighting to your bathroom:

  • Install a window
  • Install a skylight
  • Choose reflective furnishes and surfaces to increase light
  • Update the current light fixtures and consider adding new ones
  • Use lighting throughout the bathroom for different purposes

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy savings create a huge selling point for homes, so if you’re looking for your bathroom remodel to increase your home value as much as possible, make sure to consider this tip. Water shortages, skyrocketing utility bills, and all the other expenses of being a homeowner make energy-efficient bathrooms highly desirable. Here are some things you can do to increase your bathroom’s energy efficiency:

  • Install a tankless water heater so it only heats the water you use
  • Install low-flush toilets
  • Install water preserving faucets
  • Install LED lights
  • Insulate any windows and skylights
  • Use radiant floor heating

5. Make “Safe” Design Choices for High-End Items

While you may be tempted to make your bathroom remodel crazy and uniquely you, be smart with your investments and save the quirkier design choices to the cheaper items. For example, don’t drop thousands of dollars on a wild-looking shower tile, even if you think it fits your style, especially if you’re ever planning on selling your home. Try a unique wallpaper or unusual sink fixtures instead. The reason for this is if you ever do sell your home, you want a potential buyer to be drawn to your space and not see expensive replacement projects. Paint choices and fixtures are easy to change. Expensive shower upgrades are not as uncomplicated.

4 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

1. Forcing too Much into a Small Space

When you cram too much into a space, it’s impossible to make it comfortable or appealing. When you’re considering all the master bathroom remodel tips, you have to also consider the size of your space. Don’t attempt to force a massive vanity, walk-in shower, deep soak tub, and extra lighting into a room too small to comfortably handle it. You want plenty of space around all your fittings to ensure your bathroom is welcoming and comfortable.

2. Wrong Material Choice

Materials make a huge difference in the quality of your bathroom remodel. Choosing the wrong ones might mean hating how your bathroom looks and how it performs. As mentioned above, it’s always best to go with low-maintenance options for your bath remodel to ensure the materials last as long as possible and remain easy to clean or repair. You want the room to look good, but prioritizing style over practically can get you into trouble. Consider who is going to use the space, areas that are going to get damp, and how to make the most of your investment when determining what materials to use.

3. Blowing the Budget

It’s important to set a budget for your remodel and to stick with that budget, or else you could end up way overspending. Not only is this tough on the wallet, but overspending on a bathroom remodel could mean you won’t get your money back if you ever sell your home. Just because you’re putting money into your bathroom remodel doesn’t mean it’s adding value to your home. Do some research and plan your remodel carefully so you can stick with your budget and make remodeling decisions that will also add value to your home.

4. Skipping the Storage

Even if you have a tiny bathroom, there are ways to maximize the storage in your space. Storage is one of the most appreciated aspects of a bathroom, either to hold guest towels and toiletries or to organize cleaning supplies and toilet paper. If you don’t have the space to add a vanity with drawers, consider adding some open shelving above the toilet to create more use of the space. You’ll always be thankful you have the storage space.

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