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Sump Pump Repair, Service, and Replacement


Is your sump pump broken or not working properly? Does your sump pump need service or replacement? If so, then you need to call the sump pump experts at CroppMetcalfe.

A sump pump is responsible for removing water in the basements of homes that results from heavy rain or other forms of flooding. When the sump pump fails, flooding in the home can occur, causing expensive repairs not to mention damage to important belongings.

Another product called a water-powered sump pump is a backup pump that runs automatically off of your home's water supply. This means it won't stop working if you lose power and you'll never have to worry about the battery life. This product can really help out if you constantly have flooding around your home.


"Erica was just great...so helpful and friendly. I'll ask for her next time, I was so impressed and gratified by her responsiveness. I am a very long time customer & she tops all."

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