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Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

Feb 01, 2022

A white toilet with the lid up that's placed in a bathroom corner. The toilet is running randomly.

You’re here because you’re wondering why does my toilet keep running? If you find that your toilet randomly runs, it may help to know that this is a common issue for homeowners. If your toilet runs every few minutes or the toilet runs off and on, it is most likely due to an internal water leak. In some cases, you can resolve the issue on your own while some situations may require the help of an expert. 

Leaving the issue unaddressed leads to water waste. Learn why your toilet keeps running so you can resolve it or call in an expert to handle the problem for you.

3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Randomly Runs

1. The Flapper Needs Replacing

Modern toilets are designed with many modern fixtures, including a flapper that seals the water tank, stopping the water flow after a flush. If your toilet runs every few minutes, then something could be wrong with the flapper. It could be old and worn, unable to create a good seal. This means your toilet runs off and on throughout the day which can lead to gallons of water waste and extra water costs for your home. 


This is a problem that’s easy to fix on your own. Pick up a replacement flapper from your local hardware store and replace the flapper (make sure to turn off the water supply to the toilet first). If you’re uncomfortable handling this repair, you can contact CroppMetcalfe to handle the task.

2. The Chain Needs Adjusting

If your toilet randomly runs, it could be because the chain length is wrong, preventing the flapper from closing properly after a flush. In this case, nothing is broken or in need of replacing. Simply adjust the length of the chain by moving the hook of the arm in the tank to a different chain link. Make sure it’s not too long to prevent flushing or too short so your toilet runs off and on throughout the day. 

3. The Float Arm or Float Ball Needs Moving

The float arm and float ball are what let the toilet know when it needs to stop filling. If they are at the wrong level in the toilet, it can be the reason your toilet runs off and on. Thankfully, this is a simple fix. 


To test if this is the source of the problem, lift the float arm. If the running stops, then it means the float ball isn’t held high enough—either because the ball is rubbing the side of the tank or it may be broken. Bend the float arm so the float ball isn’t touching the side of the tank. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then the float ball likely needs replacing.

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If your toilet randomly runs, don’t settle. Get it fixed. Whether you need help with small plumbing tasks like this or bigger projects, don’t hesitate to contact CroppMetcalfe. Our experienced, licensed technicians can help keep your plumbing in the best condition possible, giving you peace of mind and helping prevent major issues. Call or request plumbing service online today.



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