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How to Install a Standby Generator

Sep 09, 2021

If getting a standby generator for your home is something you’re considering, you’ve likely asked yourself the tempting question, “Can I install my own standby generator?” 


A standby generator installation is nothing to mess around with, and while many experienced homeowners can probably learn how to install a standby generator after a bit of practice, this process isn’t a good DIY project.


Electrical work in general is complicated and can be very dangerous. Tampering with your home’s electrical equipment when you don’t have the necessary skills or training to do the job safely can end up causing serious harm to yourself, your electrical equipment, and more.

6 Steps: How to Install a Standby Generator

Keep in mind that a standby generator installation is a difficult project that requires licensed expertise. Here’s a breakdown of the installation process your electrician will follow:

1. Before the installation can begin, select a location for the generator at least five feet away from all windows and doors of the home.

2. Be sure there is a pre-cast concrete pad supported by a compacted gravel bed for the generator to rest on.

3. Using stainless steel bolts, secure the generator to the concrete pad.

4. Connect a natural gas line to the generator, then connect a line-voltage cable to the generator.

5. All the generator to automatically test itself (it should do this in it's own at least every two weeks for about twenty minutes to ensure it is properly working)

6.Be sure the transfer switch is properly installed besides the electrical


Different generator models may require additional steps during the installation process, so it’s important to trust your standby generator installation to professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the equipment. 

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Generators are expensive, complicated pieces of machinery that must be installed properly in order to operate properly. To ensure your installation is conducted safely and effectively, contact CroppMetcalfe’s expert electricians. Call or contact us online to schedule your standby generator installation.



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