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Humidifier Repairs


Humidity in your home doesn’t necessarily sound like a good thing. After all, if your home is too humid, you can suffer from water damage and mold growth to walls and ceilings. That’s why so many homeowners rely on dehumidifiers to fend off hot and humid D.C. summers. 

However, the lack of humidity can also cause problems, both for your health and your home. The key to protect your loved ones and your belongings is to have balanced humidity in your home — neither too humid, nor too dry. 

The way to achieve that balance is with a humidifier.

What are the benefits of a humidifier?

Humidifiers reintroduce moisture into the air in your home to increase comfort and even boost your health. Some key benefits of a humidifier include:

  • Easier breathing. Moisture in the air can reduce congestions to make breathing more comfortable, especially at night. 
  • Reduces chance of catching colds and flus. Research shows that humidity makes it more difficult for airborne viruses to spread, leading to decreased infectivity levels. 
  • Healthier skin and hair. Humidifiers prevent the air in your home from becoming too dry, which can result in dry skin (particularly for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions) and brittle hair. 
  • Heat retention. Moist air in your home retains heat better than dry air, which can lead to lower energy costs. 
  • Keeps wood in top condition. Dry air can cause wooden furniture, floor boards, and door frames to shrink and crack. Introducing moisture into the air can prevent wood damage and keep your home looking brand new. 

Why should I use a humidifier in the winter?

The equation is simple: Cold air equals dry air. That’s why we feel an increase of static electricity throughout the winter months.

When temperatures drop to freezing outside, any air that leaks into your home has 100% relative humidity (RH). During these freezing cold days, your heater works hard to warm up the cold air that comes into your home. When your heater warms up that air, the humidity percentage from the outside air drops, leaving you with dry air.

Humidifiers introduce water vapor into your duct system to help add the humidity back into the air that heaters tend to take away. The main goal of a humidifier is to bring the RH inside your home back up to the desired 30%-50%, leaving you feeling a lot more comfortable.

How do I know if my home needs a humidifier?

Do you notice any of the following symptoms while in your home?

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Nose bleeds
  • Extensive static shock
  • Cracking and shrinking of wood furniture
  • Peeling wallpaper

These signs all indicate that there isn’t enough humidity in the air. Humidifiers allow you to increase the moisture in your home, which can improve both indoor air quality and comfort. 

If you already have a humidifier that isn't operating at peak efficiency, CroppMetcalfe's 5-Star Technicians have all of the right training to get your humidifier in working order again. 

Can I leave a humidifier on overnight?

Yes, you can absolutely let your humidifier run overnight without fear. It may be especially beneficial to leave your humidifier on at night if you tend to snore or breath with your mouth. Dry air can cause a variety of sinus and dental problems, so it’s actually good for your health to use your humidifier while sleeping. 

In order to ensure optimal safety, check the water level in your humidifier before going to bed each night. Although the risk is low, humidifiers can be a fire hazard if they continue running after the tank runs out of water. 

5-Star Humidifier Repairs Courtesy of CroppMetcalfe

Have questions about humidifiers? Contact the HVAC experts at CroppMetcalfe today to figure out how we can meet your home’s needs. Our 5-Star Technicians are more than happy to inspect your home to determine whether or not humidification services are needed. Plus, CroppMetcalfe’s team works with you to find a humidifier that suits your home and your budget. 

Call to speak with one of our HVAC experts or contact us online to schedule a humidifier repair or installation today.  

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