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Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Apr 14, 2022

Spring HVAC Maintenance ChecklistSpring_Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and while many of us are washing windows, preparing our garden beds, and managing our other spring cleaning tasks, it’s important to remember your spring HVAC maintenance checklist, too. Consistent spring HVAC maintenance is a great way to prolong your unit’s lifespan and improve its operation throughout the season.

Having a spring HVAC maintenance to-do list that you work through every year helps prep your HVAC unit for the summer heat and prevents you from a breakdown during the hottest days of the year. Additionally, it helps your system run more efficiently. Preventative maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your HVAC system, so here are some HVAC tips for spring that you can add to your spring HVAC maintenance checklist:

Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

Replace Filters 

One thing that should absolutely be on your spring HVAC maintenance to-do list is air filter replacements. Changing your air filters regularly improves the air quality in your home and helps your HVAC system last longer and run better. Check the air filters in your HVAC system and be sure they’re clean. If not, it’s time to replace them.

Clear Debris from External Units

One of the best spring HVAC maintenance tips that homeowners often forget about is to clear away any debris that has collected around exterior units throughout the fall and winter. Spring is the perfect time to clear out any leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris blocking your external units. Clearing these away will help your unit vent, helping it operate more efficiently.

Clean Air Vents and Ductwork

Having your air vents and ductwork cleaned at least once a year can significantly improve home air quality, so you definitely want to add this to your spring HVAC maintenance checklist. If you or anyone living in your home has allergies, professional air vent and ductwork cleaning is a great way to reduce allergens and increase comfort. If you’re looking for a better way to improve the air quality in your home, you can consider using an air cleaner.

Test Your Thermostat

Believe it or not, many heating and cooling issues are caused by a faulty thermostat, not a damaged HVAC system. Test your thermostat at the start of the spring season to make sure it’s displaying the correct temperature and responding to commands as it should. 

Inspect Outdoor Unit for Leaks

Your entire HVAC system should be inspected at least once per year to identify potential performance issues, but it’s especially important to check your outdoor unit for leaks, dents, or any other damage that may have occurred during the winter.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

Dusty evaporator coils can cause your AC unit to freeze up, overheat, or simply not operate properly. After a long winter of no use, it’s common for the evaporator coils to need a decent cleaning. The evaporator coil is typically behind the panel of your AC unit, usually below the motor. The coil is usually covered by thin sheets of metal—referred to as fins—to help the cool effect of the unit’s refrigerant. You can gently remove dust by using a gentle brush. While you’re there, check the evaporator coil drain line to ensure it is clear of debris. 

Schedule a Preventative Maintenance Check-Up

Changing the air filters, clearing debris, and checking for any signs of damage are all great ways a homeowner can keep their HVAC system in shape. All of these tasks are necessary additions to your spring HVAC maintenance checklist, but it’s also a good idea to have your unit checked by a professional who is licensed and skilled to spot necessary repairs and fix them.

Regular HVAC maintenance is what keeps your system running well and efficiently for the longest amount of time, and CroppMetcalfe’s preventative maintenance inspection does exactly that. During our check, we’ll look for everything from issues with electric strip heaters to malfunctions with your motors and everything in between.

Prevent HVAC Breakdowns Before They Happen

This is one of the best HVAC tips for spring we can recommend: prevent HVAC breakdowns before they even happen. Finish off your spring HVAC maintenance checklist by scheduling a system inspection before the weather starts to heat up. Call CroppMetcalfe’s HVAC experts at 1-888-318-4399 or schedule an appointment online today.


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