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Plumbers & Plumbing Services in Washington, D.C.

At CroppMetcalfe, we aim to be the consistent service providers, hiring only the best plumbers to handle the particular needs of our DC clients and customers, including:

Whether you are thinking of installing a new set of pipes, or you have a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention, you can always count on CroppMetcalfe for plumbing jobs in your home or office. Local DC plumbers from your neighborhood can be dispatched to fix your toilet, unclog a drain, or have a look at a mysterious leak.

No matter what the weather is like, when you have a home system malfunction and need professional repair services, you can call on CroppMetcalfe. We specialize in air conditioning repair, furnace repair, and plumbing services in the greater DC area, and you can always expect the best service from the CroppMetcalfe team.

Customer Testimonials from Washington DC:

My wife and I would like to congratulate your plumbers, Mike and Eric, on the spectacular success in wisdom and execution, repairing a burst pipe connection leading to the outside of our home. After much thought, they devised a beautiful solution, that was far less expensive than I had feared. And beyond their admirable expertise, both Mike and Eric were friendly, straightforward, and a pleasure to deal with. In case you didn't know, these guys are "keepers".

- David T.

"My service technician was Michael. He was prompt, courteous, explained the work and did a great job on a difficult plumbing repair. he also gave me some great advice on avoiding some future plumbing issues.  In all, he met my  very high expectations.  I am 1st time CroppMetcalfe customer but I intend to use your company again. "

- Preston L.

Water Filtration

City water in the Washington DC area may leave you with white particles around your faucets, yellow stains on your clothes after washing them, or a chlorine smell in your water. This is because water is often disinfected with chlorine that doesn't get filtered out before entering your home. CroppMetcalfe technicians can help filter your water once it gets inside your home! We can test your water to check for pH balance, hardness, iron and unwanted chemicals, and install or repair a water filter in your home to keep your drinking water clean and safe.


In Washington DC, a poorly placed sprinkler head can cause a whole mess of problems, including unwanted contaminants getting pushed back into your drinking water system. This is called backflow and it can have a serious effect on the safety of your drinking water. Having a backflow prevention system will help keep potential contamination from entering your water. CroppMetcalfe Plumbers are able to test your backflow prevention to ensure safe drinking water for you and your family.

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