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Washington DC Home Heating Repair & Service

Washington DC is notorious for hot, muggy summers. But for CroppMetcalfe’s heating specialists, summer is the time of year we love to hear from our customers.

Why? Because summer is the best time to do those boiler checkups and conduct furnace preventive maintenance that ensure you don’t have to call us in the middle of a cold snap.

If you haven’t had your Washington home’s heating system checked in awhile, it’s time for a call to our Five-Star heating team. You may simply need a furnace cleaning or minor repair to keep everything running smoothly this winter. Or if something major is required, we can handle it professionally and efficiently - before it’s a crisis.

Of course, we’re here all winter long to handle heating repairs, upgrades and emergency service.  

Time for a new furnace?

If you live in one of Washington DC’s older homes, chances are your heating system may be ready for an upgrade. Even if it’s still heating your house, older furnaces work a lot harder than they have to - costing you much more than necessary.

CroppMetcalfe Washington DC heating professionals can help you assess the performance of your current furnace or boiler system, evaluate options for upgrading, and explore and tax credits that may be available to you for installing a more energy-efficient system.

5-Star technicians make the difference

Whether it’s a new boiler or a simple pre-winter heating checkup, your service will always be delivered by one of Washington DC’s most competent heating professionals.

Our DC-based 5-Star service team is committed to your comfort and your satisfaction, so we’ll help you decide on the best solution for your space and budget.

Here are three great ideas for improving your home’s comfort and efficiency without a major overhaul:

  • Ask about a humidifier system- While humidity is excessive during DC’s summers, just the opposite is true in the winter. Dry air can be a real problem for you in your DC home, and it may be time to adjust the humidity.

The heating professionals at CroppMetcalfe aren’t just experts in heating systems, we’re experts in comfort. We can help you explore your options for adding a humidifier to your forced-air heating system to keep winter air at a comfortable level of moisture - reducing static electricity throughout your home, keeping furniture from cracking and shrinking, and even making your skin feel less dry and itchy during the winter.

If you’re working all day but leaving the heat on at full-bore, you are probably paying a lot more than you need to for your energy bills - not to mention wasting energy and increasing your carbon footprint. A programmable thermostat from CroppMetcalfe can help you keep your home comfortable when you need it and save energy when you’re not at home. We have a number of solutions to choose from - some with remote access and touch-screen interfaces. A new thermostat can be an easy way to reduce your energy costs this winter!

  • Have your boiler checked annually

Your boiler was a big investment, and caring for it with annual checkups is an important way to get the most from that investment. Our Washington DC boiler experts will conduct a thorough maintenance check and perform any minor repairs required to keep your boiler running efficiently and quietly this winter.

And when it comes time for a new boiler because your system has been damaged or is simply too old to work properly, your 5-Star boiler technician will help you decide what brand, size, and type of boiler will heat your home most efficiently. And be sure to ask your technician about  efficiency credits and tax deductions for installing energy-efficient heating!


"This man, Myles, was absolutely terrific. He was highly competent, kind, intelligent, and very knowledgeable about our furnace. He checked everything. We would like to have this individual as our technician in the future."

- Joe D.

"My technician was extremely knowledgeable, polite, and very helpful. He replaced the actuator on my Trane WSHP. If I have issues in the future with my HVAC units, my experience with him is the sole reason I would contact CroppMetcalfe for maintenance. I cannot say enough good things about Phipps and the service he preformed."

- Rose D.

"Even with the extreme weather event, and limited parking, the tech still found a way to service and restore my heat."

- Patrick O.

"Very, very nice young man who fixed my furnace in no time!  He is an asset to your Team. Will consider CroppMetcalfe when I buy my new HVAC products. Go CroppMetcalfe."

- Connie F.

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