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The email address and phone number are good ways to reach me.

When the unexpected happens, Chantilly calls CroppMetcalfe

Who would you call if you noticed an insect in your Chantilly home that you think might be a termite? What if your family is having terrible indoor allergies, and you don’t know what to do? What if your water tastes a bit off or your energy bills seem out of control?

The answer to all these puzzles is a call to CroppMetcalfe. Most people think of us for plumbing problems or if the air conditioning goes out, but you should also know that we are Chantilly’s home services gurus - with a full spectrum of knowledge and services to handle the problems you don’t expect.

Furnaces to raccoons – we’re Chantilly’s go-to contractor

If it’s inside the walls of your Chantilly home, chances we have experts to make the diagnosis, repair, replacement or recommendation. We pride ourselves on full-spectrum services, so you can call us with complete confidence without hunting around the web for a reputable company.

We offer all the services you expect, from heating to plumbing and pest control. But we also offer niche services like home energy audits  to help you assess and address energy waste and inefficiency in your home.  

Home performance testing takes that a step further, by checking safety systems like smoke detectors and combustible appliances. And our skilled Chantilly technicians can even conduct air or water quality evaluations, so you can improve the comfort of your home and the purity of your water.

In Chantilly and all over Northern Virginia, we’re known as the 5-Star service company – and it shows in everything we do.

So whether it’s the usual clogged drain or a baffling noise inside the air conditioner, your Chantilly CroppMetcalfe team will find the solution and leave you knowing you made the right call.

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The email address and phone numbers are good ways to reach me.