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Ashburn, VA HVAC, Plumbing, and Pest Control Services

At CroppMetcalfe, we’ve been proudly serving the DC area, including Ashburn, since 1979. We’ve built a team of highly skilled professionals who are ready and able to help with all your home repairs, installations, and preventative maintenance. We can handle big home projects like HVAC repair in Ashburn, VA to keep you comfortable all year round, or “small” home projects like unclogging drains.


We hope you choose us for all your residential or commercial needs and give us the chance to prove why you want to be a CroppMetcalfe Ashburn customer for life. 

HVAC Repair in Ashburn, VA

Our air conditioning service in Ashburn, VA is an integral part of keeping your home safe and comfortable. Don’t go out of your way hunting for an air conditioner repair in Ashburn, VA when we’re already prepared to fix all your HVAC problems.


Our expert technicians can ensure your home’s heating and air conditioning systems work well all year round, keeping you satisfied and comfortable. Our air conditioning service in Ashburn, VA includes repairs, replacements, and installations. Here are some more of your HVAC service options:

  • Furnace repair
  • Seasonal HVAC maintenance and cleaning
  • Air conditioning service
  • Boiler repair
  • HVAC system installation


If you need HVAC service in Ashburn, VA, we can get your project on the calendar whether it’s routine maintenance, an inspection, or a repair. 

Electrical Service in Ashburn, VA

Your home’s electrical system is both important and dangerous. You shouldn’t try to fix your home’s electrical system unless you have the necessary training, credentials, and understanding of how the system operates.


For all your electrical needs, contact the experts at CroppMetcalfe. You can avoid placing yourself at risk when you attempt to solve a problem by yourself. To guarantee that your electrical system is functioning and that you, your family, and your house are safe, our licensed electricians execute repairs safely and effectively.

Plumbing in Ashburn, VA

A plumber in Ashburn, VA shouldn’t be hard to find. We’ve established ourselves as a reliable, expert plumbing service. You can always rely on CroppMetcalfe for your plumbing needs.


We can help with anything from your water heater to your sinks, showers, and toilets. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our skilled plumbers for assistance if you’re experiencing a minor annoyance or a serious plumbing emergency. It’s always best to have a professional take a look at a plumbing issue as soon as possible. Minor issues can quickly escalate to serious ones. 

Pest Control in Ashburn, VA

If you own property, pest control in Ashburn, VA is something you may need to consider. It’s a good idea to have a reliable pest control professional nearby. We provide our customers with peace of mind by beginning our pest control service with a free estimate and diagnostic from our skilled pest management specialists.


This way, you can understand the pest problem you have, the best way to fix it, and a cost estimate before the project even starts. We’ll take care of all your needs when it comes to pest control in Ashburn, VA. whether it’s residential or commercial property. 

CroppMetcalfe in Ashburn, VA is a 5-Star Service Company

We train our experts to ensure that they’re always providing 5-star service. Our HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and pest control specialists are fully knowledgeable about all aspects of your home, systems, and possible solutions, so you always get the best service possible.


Our team can help you diagnose issues, suggest tailored solutions, and ensure everything is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Customer Testimonials in Ashburn, VA

We’re thrilled to have happy and satisfied customers in Ashburn. Here’s what just a few of them have to say about working with CroppMetcalfe:


“Carl is so easy to work with, listens and explains so well. He came to your former house several times and we were so glad to see a familiar face in our new house. We bought the Gold Policy and feel very comfortable having CroppMetcalfe as our caretaker!”
  —Paul R.


“Our technician, George, was very thorough in his explanations of what was happening with our HVAC system. He recommended some additions and explained why he was recommending them, and how they would benefit us. He was very courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. He is definitely an asset to his company.”
  —Peter O.

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Our five-star technicians stay up-to-date with the latest plumbing, HVAC, pest control, and electrical services by completing 40 or more hours of training every year. Trust the company with five stars. Reach out to us today to schedule your next home service. 


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The email address and phone numbers are good ways to reach me.