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Beltsville HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Pest Control Services

From Powder Mill Road to Sunnyside Ave and everywhere in between, CroppMetcalfe is one of Beltsville’s best local contractors. Since 1979, our 5-Star technicians have been committed to the best services for your home or business. We’ll handle any comfort problems you have, and we’ll do it with the highest level of customer service.


CroppMetcalfe specializes in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and pest control services in the Beltsville, MD area. We’re trustworthy and local, and we’re happy to help!

HVAC Repair in Beltsville, MD

CroppMetcalfe won’t let any of our customers stay cold in the winter or hot in the summer! We want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible no matter the weather. And we want to make sure your home or commercial space heats and cools as efficiently as possible to save you money on electric bills.


Our 5-star HVAC technicians are qualified to remedy all heating and air conditioning problems you may be experiencing. Here are just some of the HVAC services and repairs we offer in Beltsville:


All of our Beltsville HVAC services come with a selection of service agreements to suit your needs and bring you peace of mind.

Electrical Repair in Beltsville, MD

Please don’t try to DIY your electrical repairs. CroppMetcalfe’s licensed electricians are here to handle your electrical needs safely and carefully. Whether it’s a breaker and fuse repair, generator installation, or something else entirely, no electrical job is too big or too small for our pros. 


We also offer an Electrical Service Plan that comes with yearly maintenance to ensure all of your home’s electrical equipment is operating properly. Benefits of this plan include:


  • Annual inspection
  • Priority service
  • 10% discount on repairs
  • 50% discount on diagnostics

Plumbing Service in Beltsville, MD

From water heaters and sump pumps to sinks and toilets, call CroppMetcalfe to fix your home’s plumbing issues. CroppMetcalfe’s qualified team of plumbers in Beltsville, MD is ready to tackle the job, whether it’s a small inconvenience or a serious plumbing emergency. We also offer two specialty plumbing services that most other companies can’t provide: water quality analysis and backflow prevention.


Some of our top-quality standard plumbing services:


We also offer our Plumbing Service Plan, designed to give you peace of mind and savings. This preferred service plan includes:


  • Priority emergency service
  • Annual maintenance inspection
  • 10% discounted repairs
  • 50% discount on plumbing problem diagnostics

Pest Control in Beltsville, MD

Pest problems are no joke, which is why we start every pest control service experience with a free estimate and diagnosis from our trained pest control specialists. Whether your pests crawl, fly, or skitter, we take our pest control services seriously. 


We know that even the smallest pest can have a big impact on your quality of life. After our free estimate and diagnosis, we’ll then work with you to develop customized plans for removal, extermination, and prevention. You don’t have to live with uninvited guests when you call CroppMetcalfe!

Customer Testimonials in Beltsville, MD

We always strive to make sure each one of our customers is satisfied. Here are some of our customer testimonials:


“Had a big heat wave come through and A.C. unit went out. They were booked for at least 24 hours, but when they realized I had a young daughter, they sent someone out after business hours. Their technician (Jose) was courteous and thorough and fixed our unit. I would recommend.”


"Ahmed the technician who handled my appointment, was both professional and personable. He was very thorough and identified and implemented several steps that could be taken right away to begin to combat the problems I have had with mice coming into my home.  He scheduled a follow-up appointment to monitor the situation and evaluate what he had already done and what additional work might be needed. This was a very pleasant contrast to the approach of my previous pest control company, and made me feel that Ahmed and CroppMetcalfe were serious about addressing the identified issues and providing me with the best possible service. I am hopeful that with this approach, my problems can actually be resolved."


“This was my first time doing business with CroppMetcalfe but it won’t be my last. I was very impressed with the work that was done by technician Brandon Mack. He quickly scoped out the problem and provided me with several options to fix the issue. I dealt with similar businesses before but the quality of service was not as good. I feel that CroppMetcalfe has higher standards than most companies of this type. They get the job done and they get it right the first time.” 


"We have never used CroppMetcalfe before, but awoke in the wee hours to a plumbing emergency, so we tried calling. We were thrilled to get a noon - 5 PM service window. Levi did a great job and arrived early. (We were notified he could arrive early which was very welcome.) We bought a PSP and look forward to using CroppMetcalfe in the future, though hopefully only for scheduled calls. No more plumbing emergencies would be good. We are especially grateful for the timely "call ahead" because we've got two big, loud dogs, so it's important for us to get them out of the way, so the service personnel can work.  Thank you for your excellent service."

Schedule a Service in Beltsville, MD

Whether you’re looking for an HVAC repair, electrical service, pest control consultation, or a plumber in Beltsville, MD, you can depend on us. At CroppMetcalfe, we want our customers to live in comfort, with the peace of mind they deserve. 


Call our Beltsville office at 301-610-3397, or reach out online to speak with one of our knowledgeable and qualified technicians. Our Beltsville location is conveniently located on Holland Drive near College Park, Maryland.