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CroppMetcalfe Fairfax Heating Repair & Service

Noisy, inefficient, unreliable or simply not warm enough - whatever isn’t working with your Fairfax home’s heating systems, CroppMetcalfe can help make this winter more comfortable than ever.

CroppMetcalfe’s Fairfax team of Five-Star Technicians can tackle any heating challenge your home deals out. And if it's simply time to upgrade or replace your current heating technology, we’ll help you examine your options and find a system that meets all your needs at the right price.

For heating installation in Fairfax, call CroppMetcalfe

Maybe you have an old furnace or boiler that has worked hard but is no longer adequate to your needs? If your furnace requires repair, it’s better to get the work done before the serious Fairfax winter sets in. Of course, you can always call on CroppMetcalfe to provide prompt and professional emergency heating repair services, but we’d love to help you prevent that crisis in the first place.

We can even help you learn about the more sophisticated and efficient furnace systems that are now available. Consider talking to one of our experts about replacing your old Fairfax furnace with a newer model, because depending on your heating system’s age, it’s likely that your old  furnace is not giving you the most value or heat for your dollar. Let CroppMetcalfe help you find the perfect furnace for your home or office so that you know you can rely on your heating system all winter long.

Maybe you’re tired of the dry air and nose of that forced-air system in your Fairfax residence, You might consider installing a boiler heating system that can deliver warmth with less noise and greater efficiency than older heat pumps and furnaces.

Regular heating maintenance is worth the effort

If you already have a boiler system in place, regular checkups are a great idea to be sure everything is operating properly, efficiently and safely. You invested a lot in your boiler, so it pays to take care if it.

And while you may not be thinking about heat in the middle of a humid Fairfax summer, it's a great idea to get your boiler checked. A call to CroppMetcalfe to schedule your annual boiler service is a smart way to prevent a heating emergency this winter. And while you know you can count on us for emergency boiler repair in Fairfax any time, we’d much rather set you up for a trouble-free, not to mention cozy, winter.

Fairfax heating upgrades can save you money.

Did you know that installing an energy efficient heating system can qualify you for tax credits? Call the CroppMetcalfe Fairfax heating experts, and we’ll tell you about the various options for efficiency credits that can save you money while you reduce your carbon footprint.


"Richard's expertise is without question. He was able to analyze the problem and troubleshoot to a solution.  Personable, well-spoken, welcomed my questions which he clearly answered.  It was a pleasure to have him service our furnace."

- Carol M.

"Byron did a superior job in finding and fixing the problem which was a partially closed damper which caused the furnace to overheat."

- John C.

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