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Thanks to Northern Virginia’s steamy summers, your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. It’s also a big investment, both in the initial costs and in what you pay in energy bills every year. That’s why it’s so important to have a Fairfax air conditioning service provider you can count on for both skilled work and great advice.

CroppMetcalfe has been providing superb air conditioning repair and service to Fairfax customers for decades. If you need a new unit or are putting in A/C for the first time, our technicians will help you understand all the many options out there, how to locate units for maximum efficiency and comfort, and how to maintain your unit for cost-effective and reliable cooling every summer. If your current system isn’t cooling well, we’ll expertly diagnose the problem and recommend options – even if it’s 92 degrees outside and you’re having company for the weekend.

And to help you keep your cooling costs low and your cooling power high, we provide inspection and routine maintenance services that can be vital to the longevity and performance of your unit. From simply changing filters to a full inspection, we can help you take care of those A/C maintenance tasks that are easy to forget in the summer and not even on your radar in the winter.

The CroppMetcalfe Fairfax A/C repair and service team is simply the best in the region. We arrive on time, keep your property protected and clean, and we communicate thoroughly so you know all your options and exactly what we plan to do. And did you know that our 5-Star Fairfax air conditioning technicians can help you resolve those tricky zoning issues? Like the third-floor office that never seems to get cool, or the bedroom that’s icy cold when the rest of the house isn’t?

No matter what type of air conditioning system you have, CroppMetcalfe air conditioning repair specialists will be able to handle the job – for a cool summer at a manageable cost. Contact CroppMetcalfe for A/C services in Fairfax now.


"Marco was our technician. He was friendly and professional, very thorough and patiently answered our question and explained the workings of our [HVAC] system to us."

- Lynn C.

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