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Elkwood Heating, AC Repair & Installation

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When it comes to your heating or cooling systems, the most important factor is that they are running efficiently. An efficient unit will cost less money to operate and will require fewer repairs over time. At CroppMetcalfe, we ensure that homeowners in Elkwood, VA are aware of their heating and cooling systems so that we can help keep them running efficiently.

Benefits of a Heat Pump:

At CroppMetcalfe, we are proud to offer homeowners an alternative to traditional heating systems. A heat pump is a great option for homeowners to heat their homes. Working along a similar principle as an AC system, a heat pump moves air in your home and uses either the outdoor air temperature or the below surface soil temperature to enact change in your home.

Some of the benefits of a heat pump include:

  • Money saving - Since a heat pump is not heating air using a fuel like oil or gas, it’s less expensive to run.
  • Better for the environment - Taking out the need for burning a fuel to heat the air means that a heat pump will reduce your carbon footprint. Heat pumps are also able to run on alternative energy sources such as solar power.
  • Less expensive repairs - With fewer parts to worry about, if something does go wrong with your heat pump, the repair will be less complicated and less expensive.

Ask your trusted heating professional if a heat pump is right for you!

Common AC Repairs:

Your air conditioner works hard in the summer to keep your home cool. It makes sense that over time you may need a repair or two. Some of the most common AC system repairs we see are as follows:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Evaporator coil issues, such as a dirty or frozen coil or a damaged coil
  • Mechanical issues with the blower motor, fan belt or other mechanical component

If you notice anything strange with your AC system, your best bet is to call a professional right away. We can troubleshoot the problem and get you enjoying the cool air from your AC as soon as possible.

Ask About our Other Services:

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