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Professional Bethesda plumbing services

Over the past 20 years, we’ve watched Bethesda grow and change – from the luxurious apartments of downtown Bethesda to the stately new-build homes on tree-lined streets.  All that time, we’ve been Bethesda’s plumbers of choice – for plumbing repairs that pop up unexpectedly to installing new plumbing in your new home.

Bethesda homeowners don’t have time to deal with a company that makes them wait, can’t complete the job or doesn’t have the right equipment on hand. They know CroppMetcalfe plumbers are always highly trained experts who will get the job done right the first time.

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Bethesda plumbers for life

We call our unique approach to plumbing services “5-Star” service, and it shows in everything we do – from how we communicate to how we clean up when the job is done. Once you’ve experienced it, you will never settle for anything less – not for plumbing, for heating repairs, for pest control or for A/C maintenance.

CroppMetcalfe offers a full range of plumbing services, which means that we can truly be your go-to plumber for life. From water quality and filtration issues in your home to in-sink disposal clogs to major sewer line restorations, we’re the only number you need on your contacts list. We’ll be there in a hurry if you face a plumbing emergency, or we can provide yearly plumbing inspections and preventive maintenance through one of our popular service plans. Whether you are a busy professional, a first-time homeowner or a competent DIYer who needs some professional assistance, CroppMetcalfe is always the right fit for Bethesda residents.

Take a tour of our website to discover the full range of plumbing services we can offer you; read what our happy customers have to say; and explore all the other home maintenance, repair and installation services we offer. Once you call us for plumbing, you’ll feel great contacting us for all your other household needs.

Bethesda has changed, but our commitment to 5-Star service never will.


"My service tech was A+. Discovered a number of issues that my previous plumbing company had missed (many times over the years). He clearly explained an issue in the master bath shower and had the skill set to correct without opening my drywall."

- Mark P.

"Installed a new gas hot water heater after 16 years.  [Working well, but afraid to push my luck.]    Our extreme gratitude for the help."

- James W.

"Ken was the plumbing technician for two service appointments this week.  He was excellent.  Identified the problem quickly, fixed it and recommended an additional appointment to check my sewer line with a camera - which identified additional issues that need to be addressed."

- Elizabeth P.

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The email address and phone numbers are good ways to reach me.