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Superior air conditioning repair in Ashburn, VA

Homeowners and business owners in Ashburn and all over Loudoun County know the CroppMetcalfe name for a wide range of home services. And when those muggy Northern Virginia summers take hold, the Ashburn air conditioning team at CroppMetcalfe is simply the best in the area. Highly trained, well equipped and always professional, our technicians provide superior customer service on every call.

What you can expect from your A/C service call

Whether you’re experiencing a problem with your air conditioning unit or are thinking about finally ditching those window units, your service experience with CroppMetcalfe will start with a visit from one of our Ashburn technicians. Next, we’ll diagnose and repair the problem. Or if a new or replacement unit is the only answer, we’ll perform a thorough assessment of your location and needs. That expert assessment is crucial, because getting the proper size and cooling power for your space is the key to operating efficiently, keeping costs low and keeping comfort high.

Ashburn’s trusted air conditioning service pros

When a CroppMetcalfe professional recommends a new cooling system, an additional unit, or an ancillary technology such as a programmable thermostat, you can feel confident that it’s sound advice. We’ve seen thousands of A/C configurations and resolved just as many problems, so we know what the most common issues are and how to prevent or fix them.

Indeed, prevention is key to keeping your home or business well cooled when the Ashburn heat is at its peak. Proper maintenance of your A/C unit, efficient windows and window treatments, and effective humidity control are all low-cost ways to help boost the performance of your air conditioning system. CroppMetcalfe’s technicians can provide you with smart advice and guidance on steps you can take to help your A/C work at peak efficiency.

Don’t wait for a massive summer electric bill to get your A/C checked or repaired – contact CroppMetcalfe now for a proactive approach to staying cool all summer long.


"My service experience was truly awesome. Richard, my technician, was fantastic.  I would readily recommend him to anyone who needs a technician to work on his/her heating or cooling system."

- Clara J.

"Joseph was extremely professional and went above and beyond to show me the benefits of the Total home service and duct cleaning. He examined the summer/winter damper, explained how it worked and marked it so I would remember. He is fabulous and the main reason I will stick with CroppMetcalfe!"

- Nancy C.

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The email address and phone numbers are good ways to reach me.