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Heating Repair and Heating Service in Potomac, MD

You know winters in Potomac can be cold ones. The last thing you want is for your furnace to break down and leave you without heat when it’s snowing outside. All too often, things go wrong just when you really want to be inside!

CroppMetcalfe is here all year round to keep your Potomac home’s heating systems running reliably, efficiently and trouble-free. You’ve probably seen our trucks on your street and our 5-Star Technicians helping your neighbors with their heating systems. That’s because we’re one of Potomac’s most trusted providers of comprehensive heating and comfort solutions - from furnace and boiler repair and installation to energy-saving thermostats to emergency generators for peace of mind.

If last winter you noticed your home wasn’t as comfortable as usual or there were strange noises coming from your boiler or furnace, chances are it’s time for a checkup from a CroppMetcalfe heating expert in Potomac. Often, it takes just a simple cleaning or adjustment to get everything back to peak performance. And if it’s something more serious, we’ll help you get it taken care of before you’re left out in the cold.

Comfort solutions beyond the boiler

Keeping your home comfortable during the Potomac winter isn’t just a matter of blasting the heat. That’s why CroppMetcalfe offers a full range of solutions for optimizing the comfort and efficiency of your entire heating system.

For example, if you have forced-air heat in your Potomac home, you may find dry air to be a real problem in the winter. One of our cost-effective humidification systems can make a dramatic difference - keeping your family comfortable, keeping your furniture from drying out, and keeping annoying static electricity at bay.

Another option for improving the comfort of your home is a ductless heating system - a great way to bring heat to parts of your home that can’t accommodate new ductwork. That icy-cold office space for example? A ductless heating system can make it a livable again.

At CroppMetcalfe in Potomac, we also care about heating efficiency, and we offer a number of solutions for making your heating system more efficient and cost-effective. From programmable thermostats to heat pumps to boiler upgrades, we can help you find painless and smart ways to reduce your energy bills and consumption all year long.


"I have been a customer of CroppMetcalfe since my furnace and heat pump was installed in 2002 and I've had nothing but excellent service from their technicians."

- Edward J.

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