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CroppMetcalfe – Alexandria’s air conditioning specialists

Steamy, muggy and often buggy, Alexandria summers can leave you desperate to get indoors to cool off. That’s why having an efficient, cost-effective and reliable cooling system is so vital in Alexandria. Here at CroppMetcalfe, we install, repair and maintain air conditioning systems all across Alexandria, from old homes to new apartments and businesses.

We’ve seen it all, and we know not only how important summer comfort is for Alexandria residents, we also know you’re concerned about costs and energy usage, too.

A/C problems, fixed right

It’s not your imagination. If your home seems more humid or warmer than usual when the A/C is on, your system may not be working the way it used to. That may mean it’s time for an air conditioning upgrade or simply an A/C repair from CroppMetcalfe. Many units get "tired" and need a little attention from time to time. Our 5-Star A/C repair techs know just what to look for when diagnosing the typical problems that Alexandria cooling systems run up against. Often your air conditioner doesn’t get used for months at a time, and then when you finally crank it up again, it’s just not doing the job it should. CroppMetcalfe can help – fast.

Complete Air Conditioning services

CroppMetcalfe air conditioning professionals can help you explore all your options when it comes time to installing, replacing or expanding your A/C system. Surprisingly, sometimes the most cost-effective course of action is to add a second unit to your home, zoning your space more efficiently and keeping one unit from overworking. We can help you implement other comfort systems to augment your cooling – such as dehumidification solutions or programmable thermostats to ensure your A/C works hard when you need it to and not while your home is empty.

We also offer very affordable maintenance services and inspections that can literally pay for themselves in energy savings and system longevity.

Don’t suffer in the Alexandria summer heat and humidity; bring in a professional to keep you cool – even when your electric bill arrives. Contact your CroppMetcalfe Alexandria A/C repair specialists to bring back the comfort in your summer.

Air Conditioning Customer Testimonial in Alexandria, Virginia

"George came to my house to follow up and check on a failing system. He analyzed the system, explained everything clearly and in detail, and improved the analysis of the system considerably. Great job."

- Arnold M.

"I was pleased with the service provided by the technician.  He thoroughly checked my A/C system and cleaned the outdoor unit (and he was neat).  Thank you."

- Talitha S.

"Marco was the best. He gave me very good advice on service contracts and timing, plus he did a very good job of checking the entire heating and cooling system for the upcoming summer season. Thanks to Marco!!"

- Stuart T.

"Wonderful service. Highly skilled technician. Would highly recommend CroppMetcalfe to all my friends and neighbors."

- Irene L.

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The email address and phone numbers are good ways to reach me.