Common Reasons Why Mosquitoes Are In Your Home

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CroppMetcalfe Reasons Why Mosquitoes Are In Your Home


As the weather warms on the East Coast, it’s inevitable for mosquitoes to appear. If you don’t invest in any type of pest control, you may end up with a mosquito infestation in your backyard—and they may end up getting inside your home. 


Sometimes mosquito traps, insect repellant candles, and window screens don’t do enough to keep them out. Here are 5 common reasons why mosquitoes might be in your home and some ways you can get rid of them.

Why are mosquitoes in my house?

1. Damaged Screens

Opening the windows as the weather gets warm can be really nice… until you realize you’ve invited a mosquito infestation into your home. Broken, damaged, and worn screens aren’t able to effectively prevent bugs from entering, so before you crack open the windows this summer, inspect your screens to make sure they’re in good shape and replace them if not. 

2. Open Garages 

While garages may not be as bad of a place for mosquitoes to make a home as, say, your living room, having a mosquito infestation in your garage means the pests have greater access to cracks and crevices leading to your home’s interior. Since there are lots of items stored in garages that mosquitoes are drawn to (garden hoses and watering cans, soil, mulch, etc.), it’s a good idea to keep the door closed when you’re not using the garage. 

3. Open Doors

Letting in a fresh breeze for better air flow can be tempting, but opening exterior doors is an easy way to let in bugs and critters. Mosquitoes will gladly take any opportunity to come inside for shelter and the possibility of food.

4. Poorly Sealed Windows or Doors

Just like air can sneak its way in and out of poorly sealed windows, so can tiny little mosquitoes that are determined enough. The inside of your home can be attractive to mosquitoes as it provides warmth, food, water, and shelter, so make sure that all your windows and doors are properly sealed. Not only will this prevent pests from getting in, but it will also keep cold air from getting out, which will help with AC costs.

5. Messy Yard

There are certain things that attract mosquitoes to a yard, such as standing water, tall grasses, and some strong smells. If you find that your yard is a mosquito magnet, take some time to eliminate anything that might be attracting them and contact a professional pest control company to prevent future mosquito activity. The more mosquitoes you have in your yard, the more likely it is that they’ll try to make their way indoors.

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