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Oftentimes, we brush off a noisy heating unit or uneven heating as a simple inconvenience. However, small issues can become significant — and eventually require expensive solutions. If you’re in need of heating repair services, rely on the experts at CroppMetcalfe to remedy HVAC problems quickly and efficiently. 

How do I know if I should repair or replace my furnace?

Many HVAC issues can be resolved quickly and relatively painlessly with the help of a knowledgeable heating repair company. However, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate it’s time for a heater replacement.

How long should my furnace last?

On average, a well-maintained furnace will last 15 to 20 years. If you’re unsure of the age of your heating system, look for an inspection sticker on the HVAC unit or check the serial number, as the first four digits often represent the year and week the unit was manufactured.


If your heater is relatively new and hasn’t given you much trouble in the past, there’s likely a simple fix to the problem. However, paying to fix recurring issues may not be worth the money when you compare the cost of repairs to the cost of a new heating system. 


It’s a good idea to contact an HVAC company to evaluate the condition of the system, regardless of age. Annual inspections and preventative maintenance are key to extending the longevity of your heater. . 

What are common signs that my heater needs to be repaired?

Signs that your heating system is in need of repair include:


  • No Heat
  • Insufficient Heat
  • Noisy Heating Unit
  • Heating Unit Won't Start

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If you notice any of the above signs of a heating malfunction, it’s best to call in a professional to determine a cause. Common heating problems include:


  • Clogged Filters
  • Pilot Light/Ignition Control Issues
  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Leaky Ducts
  • Low Fuel
  • Overrun Heat Pump
  • Lack of Circulation

While some of these problems can be resolved rather quickly and easily, more complicated issues may require you to upgrade your home’s heating system


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Trust CroppMetcalfe for your heating repair needs. 

CroppMetcalfe’s experienced 5-Star Technicians quickly diagnose and address heating issues to ensure that your system is running efficiently. We offer HVAC service agreements to guarantee peace of mind for our customers. With our Bronze, Silver and Gold HVAC Service Agreements, homeowners can expect:


  • Priority Emergency Service
  • Planned Maintenance Inspections
  • Discounts on Repairs
  • Labor Coverage for Diagnostics and Repairs
  • Replacement Parts*

Call to speak with one of our HVAC experts or contact us online to schedule a heating repair today. 

Which locations does CroppMetcalfe service for heating repair?

CroppMetcalfe provides heating repair services to the entire D.C. metro area including:

… and more!



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