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By using the earth’s existing abundant warmth and energy, geothermal systems are good for the environment and for your wallet. A geothermal system can provide heat in the winter and cool your home in the summer for year-round climate control.

CroppMetcalfe is proud to be certified by the National Comfort Institute, a distinction awarded to the top 5% of HVAC contractors in the country who demonstrate expertise in heating and cooling systems. 

Types of Geothermal Systems:

Did you know there are numerous federal, state and manufacturer incentives available when you install a geothermal system? You may qualify for a 30% return on a federal tax credit. Besides being environmentally-friendly and fully-reversible (able to cool and heat your home), a geothermal system also heats your water. Let’s examine the different types of geothermal systems available:

  • Horizontal loop. Ideal for property sizes of five acres or more. By taking advantage of the size of the land, 5 foot trenches are dug across the land and arranged horizontally. This time-efficient method helps reduce the cost of installation.
  • Pond loop. Ideal for properties with a small body of water. Water helps to maintain a constant temperature year-round which is why the geothermal piping system is laid at the bottom of the body of water.
  • Vertical loop. Ideal for urban areas, or properties that have a smaller plot of land such as townhouses. Geothermal pipes are laid vertically and are generally placed between 100 to 400 feet below ground. Because of the depth, the pipes can be placed under buildings or pavement and not interfere with surface features. These long-lasting systems can operate for 50 years or more.

Differences between Ductless Mini Split System and Conventional AC:

If you’re thinking of replacing your old air conditioning system and aren’t sure whether to go ductless, or with a conventional whole house system, we can help. Our home comfort technicians can perform a home analysis to determine the right system depending on your home’s size, age, efficiency and your individual needs and budget.

Conventional AC System:

  • Requires the use of a duct way system within your home.
  • Cools your entire home at the same temperature.
  • Many newer high-efficiency models available.

Ductless Mini Split AC System:

  • Does not require duct ways — small units are installed in individual rooms or areas.
  • Great for new additions, apartment dwellers and businesses.
  • Each room can be set to a different temperature.
  • Reduced energy use.

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