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GE Concord Troubleshooting Review

Open-Security-PanelMy system is beeping … or, there was a power outage at your location …
Press * + * (2 asterisks) for a system status report.  Your keypads and/or interior siren will beep according to the current arming level. The keypad will display current status information, for example, “SENSOR 03 BYPASSED,” “SYSTEM BATTERY IS OK,” or “AC POWER IS OK.”  To silence the trouble beeps, enter off and your 4-digit code as if you were to disarm the system.

I have “System Low Battery” on my keypad, or Central Station called because I have a low battery, or System Status (*+*) reports “LOW BATT” …
This indicates a “low battery condition”.  If your home/business had a recent power outage, wait 4-6 hours and see if the battery recharges on its own.  If the “System Low Battery” on your keypad does not clear after 4-6 hours, your backup battery needs to be replaced.  12V 5A batteries can be purchased for replacement.  CroppMetcalfe can also install a new backup battery.  Please set up servicecall.

Back-Security-PanelWhere do I find my backup battery? 
Go to the security system panel box usually found in the basement or closet. Open the panel box & locate the battery (approx. 4″x4″ black cube.)

Unhook the battery by removing the black and red leads (wires) from the battery (wiggle off).  Replace the battery and reattach leads (red to red – black to black).  Plug the transformer back in and replace the screw.  You may need to reset your system by performing the *+* system status check.  You may also need to arm/disarm your system to have it return to normal state.

I have “PHONE FAILURE TROUBLE” displaying on my keypad …
This means your system has stopped communicating with Central Station.  The most common reasons this would happen is:

  1. You have changed your phone service provider or phone number – contact CroppMetcalfe to schedule a service call to have your phone service reconnected or reprogrammed.
  2. Your local phone provider has changed service or has service issues in your locale, contact your phone service provider.
  3. If you use DSL Internet, your security panel requires a DSL filter just like all the phones in your home, schedule CroppMetcalfe for installation of a security panel approved DSL filter.
  4. If none of the above 3 conditions have occurred, test your system with Central Station at (800) 933-4762 and they will assist you.  If after testing your system, your communication is not working, schedule CroppMetcalfe.

My alarm went off and no one called me?
Be sure to let the system stay in alarm with the sirens sounding for at least 30 seconds before silencing or canceling the alarm.

For standard telephone clients:
Ensure that your phones are operational by placing a call. If this works, contact us to schedule service.

For VoIP clients: 
As above, also ensure that you have an Internet connection. If both are working, contact us to schedule service.

For Cellular/ Radio clients:
Contact us to schedule service.

My siren is going off for no reason …
Have you checked to make sure your security system siren is making the loud noise?  The security system siren will have a continuous sounding blare (intermittent beeps are smoke detectors).  If you have gone to your keypad, performed the *+* system status, and armed/disarmed your system … and have no Trouble Conditions on your keypad, the security system may not be sounding.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT GOING OFF.  If the noise is coming from a smoke detector, you may need to reset the device or change its battery.

Back-Security-PanelThe system is going off and I do not have a code to turn it off?

My alarm is going off and I can’t get it to turn off.

  • Unplug the security system power supply transformer.
  • Then disconnect or pull off one of the wires that is attached to the battery.

This will power down the security system. Once you have done this, set up a service call. The Open-Security-Panelhomeowner/business owner must be notified by the person that set off the alarm to get the code.   If you are unable to get in touch with the owner/manager of this system or if this is a new system that has only been reactivated, the System must be powered down.

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