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Switching from Heat to Air Conditioning

Apr 21, 2017


Best Practices for Switching from Heat to Air Conditioning

Turn down the heat! It’s becoming that special time of year when cherry blossoms bloom, grass turns green and the heat goes off. Whether you plan on leaving the windows open to start or directly switching from heat to air conditioning, follow these tips to correctly turn off the heat and prep your air conditioner for the warm seasons ahead.

Turn off the heat

Start with the obvious; switch your thermostat from the heat setting to cool or off. If you have an older furnace with a pilot light, shut off the gas supply.

Change the filter to give the air conditioning a fresh start. This boosts system efficiency, plus a clean filter will help stymie spring allergy issues.

If you had any performance issues throughout the season, consider consulting a heating and air conditioning technician to inspect your system and perform a heating repair or replacement if needed.

Prep your air conditioner

Do the following to ensure your air conditioner works when you turn it on. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for an air conditioner repair during the dog days of summer.

Remove any condenser covers or lids you may have put on the outdoor unit to protect it during the winter. Failing to do so can result in a breakdown.

While you’re at it, clean up the outdoor unit and surrounding area, removing any built-up leaves or debris. Trim any branches or shrubbery that have grown over the unit.

On the inside of the house, make sure vents and returns are clean and clear of any furniture. Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove any dust or pet hair that has accumulated on the vents. This will help the efficiency of your unit, allowing you to take pride in being eco-friendly while saving money.

Get a professional inspection

Schedule an air conditioning maintenance inspection prior to turning on the air. A trained technician will make sure your system is working correctly and at peak efficiency to handle the hot months ahead. This also allows for any needed air conditioning repairs to be spotted and fixed.

If an air conditioner replacement is suggested, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model to save on your cooling bills throughout the summer. Book your appointment now to get on your preferred HVAC company’s schedule before the pre-summer rush hits.

At CroppMetcalfe, our service agreements include planned maintenance inspections.

After running through your DIY checklist and having a professional inspect the system, turn it on to make sure it works properly. It’s best to wait until there are a couple warm, sunny days in a row before performing your test run.

Make sure your exterior unit doesn’t make any strange noises and your interior unit doesn’t shut off right away. If the cool air flows out, then you are ready for the seasons ahead! Keep the air on, or enjoy a cool breeze coming through the windows for as long as you can.


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