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A Hard Day's Bite: Termite Control Comic

Jun 12, 2017


No Room for Error: Why you need professional termite control

Termites are seriously destructive insects that are responsible for billions of dollars in property damage every year. If you have a termite infestation, you need a professional on the premises as soon as possible. Left untreated or improperly exterminated, termites will destroy your home.

Termites: creatures of habit

There are millions of termite colonies around the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C areas. As the weather gets warmer and wetter in late spring, these termites get ready to invade.

The most common termite in the region ­­ the Eastern subterranean termite ­­ travels back and forth through the soil by building tunnel systems to reach food sources above the ground. Firewood, mulch, the foundation of a wood structure – it’s all a nice meal for a voracious colony of termites.

The best termite control defense is a good offense

Take the proper termite control precautions to safeguard your home before these little devils become a permanent resident. Gene Daniels, the pest control service manager at CroppMetcalfe in Fairfax, Va., shared the top four ways a homeowner can prevent termite damage:


  1. Store firewood off the ground and away from the home.
  2. Encapsulate your crawlspace with plastic to protect the home’s foundation from exposed soil.
  3. Keep direct moisture and mulch away from the foundation.
  4. Schedule a booster treatment with a professional service like CroppMetcalfe – a quick, easy inspection to make sure that you do not have signs of a termite infestation and that all entry points have been locked down.

Know the signs of a termite infestation

Be aware of some common indicators of a termite infestation. If you start spotting swarmers – large numbers of winged termites – congregating near (or, much worse, in) your home; if you find mud tunnels, peeling paint or (much worse) live working termites next to mulch, firewood or the foundation of your home; or discover random piles of insect wings collecting in corners of your home, you may have a termite situation.

Take the right steps against termites

If you do happen to see some troubling signs that you suspect are termite related, don’t try to take care of the problem with a store­ bought product. While a do­-it-­yourself termite control solution may seem like a reasonable way to save money, it usually ends up costing you more in the long run. Improper treatment can be poisonous to your family and pets and cause serious property damage. Tests at Texas A&M University invalidated the use of DIY products for effective termite control. Remember: since termites typically go unfound until considerable damage has occurred, it’s very likely you’ll miss key infestation areas.

Leave it to the experts

Taking chances with your home or your family’s health isn’t worth it. Call a professional termite control specialist, like CroppMetcalfe. Their 5­-star pest control technicians are highly trained and armed with the latest technologies and products to properly treat your house.

“Just as every house is different, so are termites,” Daniels explains. “That’s why we use liquid, foam, baiting, and even green methods of protection. It gives us flexibility to treat each infestation the right way.”

Don’t forget: New legislation went into effect for Washington, D.C. and Montgomery(Md.) counties at the end of 2015, which requires home buyers to conduct a wood ­destroying insect inspection if financing through a lender. CroppMetcalfe can perform a routine inspection within 24 hours.

Could you use the help of a 5­-Star technician? Learn more about termite control at CroppMetcalfe’s website


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