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Stop Suffering In A Cold Home

Jan 27, 2016

Cold Home or High Heating Bills?

Your home may be leaking air and could need more insulation. Don't worry, CroppMetcalfe can help.

After the incredible snowfall we had last weekend, there's no denying the cold, winter weather is upon us. This means cranking up the heat to stay warm inside. But how much of that expense is simply leaking out of your home?roofsnow

"A home with poor insulation or loose walls can substantially increase your energy bills and decrease your comfort."

Have you noticed the snow on your roof is melting much faster than your neighbors? 

A lack of insulation in your attic is much more noticeable after the Snowzilla snowfall we just had. If your attic has poor insulation or air leaks through the walls, the heat from your house will flow into the attic and melt the snow on your roof. Attics which are well insulated will actually retain the heat on the inside of the home, so the snow will not easily melt. 

While recent building codes only require 10-12 inches of insulation (with older homes requiring even less), the Department of Energy recommends at least 16 inches of blown insulation to optimize your energy efficiency and comfort. 

Additionally, insulation works best if your attic is "air-sealed" from the rest of your home. A tight, air-sealed home is a more comfortable, healthy, and efficient home.

Adding insulation can be a simple task, but before adding insulation it is important to have your home properly inspected for any air or duct work leaks or damage.

Starting now for a limited time, CroppMetcalfe is offering a free inspection of your home to check for these and other energy diminishing factors. CroppMetcalfe is also offering 50% off our  comprehensive Whole House Comfort Check, which will tell you exactly how much your home is leaking to the outside. 

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