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CroppMetcalfe's 39th Birthday

Feb 16, 2018

Happy 39th Birthday, CroppMetcalfe!

CroppMetcalfe reaches its’ 39th birthday this month! Today we will be celebrating by wearing out favorite CroppMetcalfe shirts and eating dessert. Through the years, CroppMetcalfe has grown a lot in numbers: the customer base, the co-workers, locations, and more!

Each year, we have tried to think of different ways to celebrate our co-workers. We have an annual gala which has been at different locations and themes each year. The gala helps to show appreciation to all of our co-workers by having a fun night whether it is getting pictures taken in the photobooth or hanging out at Nationals’ park – we have a fun time! Another event we do as a family is going to an amusement park annually. More recently, we went to Kings Dominion which was a blast! It was a sunny day with lots of food and screams. We also have our Co-Worker Appreciation Picnic at the beginning of every fall and invite the whole family out to a local place to play games, eat food, and win prizes!

Those are our more grand events every year, but we also have smaller events. We have potlucks, surprise ice cream trucks, a pop-up coffee shop, and games for prizes! All our events are to show co-workers how much we appreciate them because, without them, we are unable to grow!

We try to grow by understanding our role in corporate social responsibility. We give back to the community as best as we can, from donating to the hurricanes this past year and giving to our local fire station.

There is also opportunities for technicians of all the trades to engage with one another. We have quarterly meetings so that technicians can socialize with each other since most of the time, they are on the field by themselves unless they come into the office. We encourage all our co-workers to be friendly with one another. The championship series we run is also to encourage technicians to put out their best foot forward to help customers out and show people what the 5-Star Technician is about.

All these things together have helped to mold and build CroppMetcalfe into what it is today. We try to make this a great environment for co-workers and serve our customers the best we can. In the years coming, we are confident that we will continue this upward trend to become a better company. 


What Our Customers Say...

"I've been a CroppMetcalfe customer for 9 years and you have always provided outstanding service. I just had my semi-annual maintenance done, and I wanted to thank George for the truly outstanding service, professionalism, and excellent advice. He is definitely one of the best 5-Star Technicians I've had! Thank you CroppMetcalfe!"

Bill H